1. RobiZ

    The most fck'd up site you'll ever see!!!

    So here it is... try it out It's simple : you type in a word and it turns it side ways and forms another word The epic thing - I have two nicknames RobiZ and WhiTe (I use it in Counter strike 1.6) and both are Dildo o_o. Try it out and tell me your findings...
  2. McVries

    Site Down for Maintenance?

    Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but is this the sign of a surprise coming our way? :shocked:
  3. C

    Problem with a site.

    I dont know if its just me so ill post it here. The site: goes in endless loops for me, which means it just keeps saying Connecting, Connected, Waiting and then repeat endlessly. Does it do it for you too or is it a problem on my end?
  4. C

    Dragon Age 2: Pre-Ordering from a Site.

    Ok, ive recently decided to spend over half of my allowance money (i get 10 euro per week since like 1 month ago) to pre-order Dragon Age 2. Ive looked at the sites and i have decided for the EA Online Store. However, i am not sure if its trusted or not. They say that the game is digitally...
  5. Skyrider

    Javascript to move to a specific site from a specific URL

    Is this possible? I'd like to have a script that automatic forwards the person to another site on a specific URL. Like for example this thread. Once the person goes to: (See the bold). It goes to...
  6. S

    Some help with ESF

    OK, I followed everything I read from this site. I installed Steam, I installed Half-life-1, played some last night, I installed ESF 1.2.3 into C:\Program Files\Dark Ares\Half-Life\esf Made an account on steam, made one on Half-life, all the normal stuff. I can play Half-life just...
  7. J

    Kudos to the ESF team

    Wow I haven't viewed this site in forever but then I look at the front page. It looks like almost a totally different game. And you guys are still using Half Life and it looks like you guys updated to the Half Life 2 engine and the new melee looking GODLIKE. Wow dude theres so much I want...
  8. Nemix

    My finished site!

    Ok i know i have failed many times in making a personal website but i finnaly succeded with the help of Triple X, a guy who hosts me 500 mb for Free using Joomla a free open-source content management system and for the free domain name i proudly present you you can...
  9. war450

    Web site developer needed.

    Well, i have been creating a website for sometime now, it's mostly for my guild, you can check out my current design and template of the site at this is taking most of my time trying to improve my site with the functions i want it to have :)...
  10. W


    i wondered if i could make ESF-SERBIA site and post all your updates but it would be on serbian? cuz many of us dont know eng very good and they are limited on few updates so what do you think?
  11. S

    Portfolio site <3 Skyrider :O :O :O crit comment etc, you've seen most before, some surprises for some peoples too :P. I'll probably have a lot more stuff on it soon, but I just needed it up while i go applying for jobs. thanks for the hosting Sky <3
  12. H

    help , site download

    i downloaded steam and got an account i downloaded the half life 2 demo like the site asked now i downloaded this and it says put into C:\Program Files\Half-Life folder but the install is grayed out can someone give me specific instructions for me ? i want to try this...
  13. Grega

    VEOH bans 160+ countrys from their site

    Yea im a few days late. Last week banned 164 countrys from their site. Here is the list so far Well they did so without any warnings or explanations. Ofcourse people are still able to view the forums where every thread asking for a reason why they did that gets the same...
  14. sub

    Main site down?

    Is it just me or is the main site down? Anytime I tried to connect to it I get redirected to the forums.
  15. MinioN

    My new site

    Well i made a site with freewebs and i want to post it here.Its not finished and i hope soon i will have "".If someone want to help me like moderator just tell me.The name is Please visit it and leave some post in the forums so they dont stay empty.Lol. <a...
  16. MinioN

    Any free web makers?Own web site

    Can you tell me where can i make free web site?My own. I know blogger and other?
  17. Chakra-X

    Super Smash Brothers: Brawl Japanese Site Countdown 4 days left until the site opens up. New photos? New information? Sonic? Who knows, as long as it's something new.
  18. Chakra-X

    Super Smash Brothers: Brawl Japanese Site Countdown 4 days left until the site opens up. New photos? New information? Sonic? Who knows, as long as it's something new.
  19. LionHeart

    How to add games on a freewebs site?

    Anyone know???
  20. G

    I know a site with all of the DB, DBz, and DBZ GT episodes!

    But im wondering if i should tell you guys its my precious treasure :tired: