1. D

    Question about ECX RC2

    Hey guys, how you doing? I hope you're all fine! So, i need help with a little something: First, what is the ECX RC2 CCI? I can't find anything about this on the internet. And, can someone give me a link to download the ECX Bots code? Thanks in advance, and I love what you are doing with...
  2. »

    My idea for a Main Menu (ESF)

    Hello, in this small post I wanted to teach you my little idea of a main menu for ESF, I hope you like it. -Main Menu: I also took the trouble to make a "Map Selection Menu". -Map Selection Menu: I hope you like it and I would like you to leave your opinions in the comments. I...
  3. O

    ESF Spray

    Does anyone know how to get a Spray that has Multi-colors that works 100%? if so please reply to this post! <3
  4. K

    Recording Videos and Showcasing Esf.

    Hello! My name Is Kenny and I want to record videos of Earth Special Forces. For example, Updates,New Skills,New Map,And New Characters. I want to make our fans and our people excited for esf final. I've seen people wanted to see more videos of Earth Special Forces final instead of waiting a...
  5. C

    Earth Special Forces - ESF ECX RC2 - CCI Question - Transformation by Powerlevel

    I'm hoping someone knows how to do this or if its even possible to do. I've been making characters for quite a long time for esf ecx rc2, and I've been tampering with the CCI's sx.sample.core looking around my files and the internet to find a answer for this. Is it possible to go through...
  6. Jerry小坏

    [EVM] New Cell Special Attack (absorption)

    Model: 心Mei (unbelievable. our font are not able to be shown correctly...) AMXX: Jerry Dc.Mit Sound: Collect from Matias-ECX_MOD (Muchas gracias! Though I don't know what the sound actually says, I have just started learning Spanish...But it's fine! I mean...
  7. T

    Thank you to the Earth Special Forces Team!

    I would like to thank the Earth Special Forces Team for sending me a Happy Birthday message AND ABOVE THAT for the GRREEEEAT work and effort that they are putting over the creating of this splendid game! The fact that it is free makes you all more than awesome and good people! I love you all...
  8. Josew

    add servers to gameserver of Argentina esforces

    hello I'm from Argentina Esforces community and we have STEAM servers De ESF and would like me to add Gameserver tab greetings and leave the IP: 1# ESF 1.2.3 [Publico] <Argentina>: 2# ESF ECX [Big Pack] <Argentina>: 3# ESF 1.2.3 [Cerrados] <Argentina>...
  9. RobiZ

    ESF Release Day announced !

  10. K

    How to add characters from another server???

    So there is 1 out of a few servers on esf 1.2.3 that has the AF pack (not the standard apparently) and it has epic characters like ssj god goku and all these "saito" characters. How do i add these characters to my local game so i can use them on my own server? (there are 15 of them) plz help :)
  11. NehuIII

    HL or HL:S to run ESF

    Hi everyone and first of all sorry for my bad english. I'll buy Half-Life to can play all hl mods and i have a question. Can i buy Half-Life source and run esf or i need to have the first hl version?. That's all, thanks
  12. Son Gogeta

    Just some quick questions! (ALOT)

    First off here's some questions about the maps: Will Hell (as seen in Fusion Reborn), a generic Ruined City, or King Kai's Planet make an appearance as maps? Will Trunks use his sword and will he be a separate character from him after his time training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Now for...
  13. ~#Revan#~

    ESF buu map wallpaper

    Alright this IS NOT THE FINAL MAP and i know there is other guy [LSF or something like that] doing good stuff so i'm not working on it just i was playing around with lights and pump mapping also the water but they will use other stuff there maybe it could be for a wallpaper pourpese, for that i...
  14. J

    New Plugins + HD Character

    New Plugins + HD Character New patch with characters ESF HD and very good effects. Change that gives the Patch: - New input image - Charge Aura ki - Plugins blood to die - Improved Attacks (Kamehameha has, HenkiDama, Etc). -Improving Transformations. - New Hud Gray - New Menu -...
  15. G

    Esf Final quest

    i have a question for the esf final here we can see vegeta multiplayer gameplay: in the 0:19 sec we can see vegeta use big bang attack and this big bang attack follow after the bot (or someone) that he attack him so my question is: in the final...
  16. G

    ESF Final Goku Super Saiyan God Form

    Who that dont know it there is a stronger form that SSJ3 the form name is Super Saiyan God it is from dragon ball z movie 2013 Battle Of Gods By Akira Toriyma (i write his name correctly ???) and it from Dragon Ball Z not GT !!! Here is a video (trailer) (see they say in 50 sec the SSJ God)...
  17. Aurum

    A few questions about ESF (No when will it be released)

    Uhmmm, ESF Team, would you please answer those questions? When will we see other Super Saiyans apart from Vegeta? Why won't you guys release a demo? The fans are frequently asking for one. Will you guys improve the graphics of the mod? How many stages in ESF will be released? Do...
  18. G

    A question about ESF Final

    Hello Esf Team i have a question about the new game Esf Final 1)i just have to ask no about the release date just about the Percentage so my question is how much Percentage the game done already ??? Tnx For Help AnyBody !!!
  19. E

    ESF Server test

    ok so i have HLDS and my question is can someone connect to the server i made right now the server is onLINE when i connect to my server i go in game with no problems i have ESF ECX RC2 + big Pack 8.4 instaled and the server also is..but i dont see any one joining so if it works it would be cool...
  20. Aurum

    Today I dreamed that ESF was released

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