Inuyasha: FC & Naruto: Uzumaki Ninden PS2

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Feb 25, 2003
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Well im sure u guys heard about this already but either way if you didn't know, it appears that there's two new anime Action/Fighting/Rpg base games coming out soon. It seems that both games will include a rpg-style free-roam features as well. It's quite a coincidence , these are my two favorite animes out right now. Keep in mind that the screenshots do not do the games justice at all.


It would seem that currently, details on Uzumaki Ninden are few, but from screenshots shown, it appears that Uzumaki Ninden will play as an action game where the player takes the role of Naruto Uzumaki; gamers will explore the game's 3D backdrops, fighting various ninjas by using special attacks featured in the original manga series.

Bandai has chosen Japanese development house Cavia to develop this new Naruto title. Cavia is best known for its work on Drakengard for Square Enix, and as it continues work on that game's sequel, it's also working away at Beat Down for Capcom, Soccer Life 2 for Bandai, and now Naruto.
A Japanese release for Naruto: Uzumaki Ninden is set for August, so expect details to surface shortly. - IGN


All of the characters in Inuyasha: Feudal Combat will be voiced by the actors from the TV show and boast a cel-shaded look that's totally in keeping with the source material. We didn't get to see the game in action for more than a few minutes, but the graphics were looking sharp, and some of the finishing-move animations were pretty spectacular. We're told that you'll be able to develop your chosen character as you progress through the game by improving your character's attacks and compatibility with other characters, but at the time of writing we've not seen any character development in action. - gamespot -- More info in Link

The Inuyasha games seems like it might relate to naruto 3 on the gamecube, with the multiplayer system working abit diffrently. As for the naruto game, when i look at the images, it seems like the gameplay could be similar to dynasty warriors or something like that game. And it also seems like naruto might end up being the only playable character which wouldn't be too fun. What do you guys think about these two anime titles?

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