1. G

    Uzumaki Naruto

    Decided to model and later texture something diferent. Now I don't know to much about this show but here something I put together in a few hours. Maybe you guys can help with your crits. and some wireframes: The skin will come next which will be semi-real style
  2. ShadyD

    Uzumaki Naruto WIP

    No im not mimicing SV, he just got me inspired =) As vegetto's, No current plans for release, Cell-shaded, just not as good as his >_> The proportions are so bad they hurt..But i can't find any refs that confirm this.. So help me out! =)
  3. Promiscuous Girl

    Naruto Uzumaki Ninden 2 : Konoha Spirits

    Well, i don't know why but their attempting to try this Action Adventure RPG based game on the Playstation 2 once again. Im going to hold out for reviews this time-- i really prefer a 4th installment for the Naruto Narutimett Hero Series myself, but im hoping that's for the PS3. But...
  4. yopyop

    u-zu-ma-ki ... naruto rendan!

    i don't know if this is more model or gfx... >< i did some things in c4d xD --> --> i think the first one's better
  5. S

    Uzumaki Naruto!

    Hey guys, started working on this for practise and to improve my skinning skills which aint very high atm.Big thanx to Hunter/Darksniper for the great model and uvws , and the model is built for SpiritOfkonoha the hl2 naruto mod but this skin isnt its just for practise maybe one day when i...
  6. Promiscuous Girl

    Playstation 2 Naruto Uzumaki Ninden

    Im not sure if anyone has heard of this game here, but there's a new naruto game coming out on august 18th called Naruto Uzumaki Ninden for the Playstation 2. Here is some more information on the game and how it differs from the previous playstation 2 titles before it. The Playstation 2...
  7. E

    Uzumaki Naruto (Younger Version)

    Hey well I have to practise skinning cell shade for a naruto mod so this will be my practise round.Note this model is not for the mod it was done by reckoning of fire with some edits by me, so if u'll want to know what its going to be used for ask Reck. i know cause its cell shade there...
  8. G

    Inuyasha: FC & Naruto: Uzumaki Ninden PS2

    Well im sure u guys heard about this already but either way if you didn't know, it appears that there's two new anime Action/Fighting/Rpg base games coming out soon. It seems that both games will include a rpg-style free-roam features as well. It's quite a coincidence , these are my two favorite...
  9. E

    Uzumaki Naruto

    Word. Since I -still- cant skin, I took it upon myself to practice ears (as suggested by forum members). I ended up making a really good one. I wanted to use it but didnt know for what. I've been wanting to do naruto for awhile, so I saw an oppurtunity. Difference between this model and my...
  10. C

    Uzumaki Naruto, yay my second model =o

    Well,This is my second model. I decided to model naruto to get some more practise. Tell me what you think sofar. Crit and comment allot. Also please keep in mind I havent worked much on the upper leg itself. The foot is kinda done though. I need some refs so I can see what the leg should...
  11. I

    Uzumaki Naruto

    I felt like drawing Naruto. Here's my finished work. There are a few messups on the jacket near the arms that i'll fix later. Sketch (most ppl dont believe that i can draw) Large Portrait Scene
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