1. malleta

    InuYasha - The Best anime?

    InuYasha This is the best anime? Discuss this here! post your opnion ;D My opnion: Yes is the best anime has great action and romance...
  2. D

    inuyasha ends

    not sure if any of you read the manga, but it finally ended yesterday. a good story, which the anime kinda destroyed. id go and read it if you have the time.
  3. Barney's_Soul

    Will there ever be more Inuyasha episodes?

    Just finished watching the final episode a few days ago....and am sad that it's all over....the ending was too inconclusive for me...I would love to see a rebirth of the Inuyasha animane based off the manga...
  4. ssj3Viper


    Here it is and if still u people don't belive that is done by me then test me, realy give any caracter from DBZ, Trigun, Inuyasha and maybe Naruto. Choose a random stance, random character and i'll make it.
  5. S

    Inuyasha model

    Hey need some critiques on how to make this better, poly count is 3431. The necklace adds about 700...face is a decent chunk and should be able to deform pretty well for a game model. head wireframe full body wire side front 3/4 hand detail (sleeve pulled back) hand shot 2
  6. G

    Inuyasha: FC & Naruto: Uzumaki Ninden PS2

    Well im sure u guys heard about this already but either way if you didn't know, it appears that there's two new anime Action/Fighting/Rpg base games coming out soon. It seems that both games will include a rpg-style free-roam features as well. It's quite a coincidence , these are my two favorite...
  7. Rayos

    Inuyasha 166-167 Terrible **SPOILER**

    The ending of inuyasha was pitiful. I was so upset after watching the final episode 166-167. They leave everything open. They do not kill naraku, kikyou still doesn't have a meaning yet, kagura is still controlled by naraku do to her heart being in his hands. Sesshomaru did nothing for the end...
  8. L


    recently the inuyasha mod's creator abandoned the mod and now is being taken over by myself, osamaheadhunter and the remaining members of the mod. Any help is great but we especially need a coder. Contact me at Chlorophyl? More like... BOROPHYL!!!
  9. dudiblah

    anyone like inuyasha

    if you didnt know inuyasha is about a half demon-human who is looking for the sacred jewel but gets shattered and they looking for it but anyway just tell me ur favorite episode
  10. S

    #2 Inuyasha WIP known (for fun)

    here is my wip on inuyasha, i never thot to model him... hehe
  11. A

    Naruto's 1st Movie & Inuyasha's 3rd Movie

    You can download the movie trailers here. Naruto Anime Movie Trailer (Wide Screen Format) Inuyasha Movie 3 Trailer Neither movies have been released yet, but will...
  12. Vejimaru

    My new inuyasha bg

    This is probably the last art that I'm going to post, since my talents are wasted here O_o here it is
  13. Y

    Inuyasha Sig..

    Here is two sigs i made.. Crits...:)
  14. Enix

    free inuyasha sig

    well slim did one so i thought i would do ever wants it TAKE IT!!!:D <p>
  15. Naraku

    Inuyasha Forum RPG

    im starting an InuYasha Forum RPG in the forum , if anyone wants to play , you must pick a character , i dont think there are many Inuyasha fans so this will be easy. , and it will be here in 2 days , and the character i will be is of corse , Naraku
  16. Naraku

    if you like the anime inuyasha vote in this poll

    i think Naraku and Kagome:smile:
  17. H

    Inuyasha wallpaper

    Yeah you guys are probably getting tired of this...
  18. DaKD

    Inuyasha WIP

    I decided to divulge my talents in another anime hehe Crits please Updated pic below