How to begin the game- confusing tactics, basic moves explained.

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Dec 8, 2002
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We will start with the basics, Melee.

Melee is a simple attack, powerful, stunning, fast, easy to sneak up on people.

First off, you left click when your crosshair is red, Green means ally, Once you do that, a red box should appear around your target. Once you have targeted your oppenent, left click will swoop, You have a range that you will fly before you stop, or you will stop once you left click again, Or hit your oppenent.

Next, we go on to hitting with melee, Which isn't always easy, First you swoop as I began flying towards the enemy, you hold RIGHT click, Or secondary fire, And you will kick your enemy which will stun him as he flys, it will cause extra damage if he hits a wall, and he will be stunned.

Blocking is also a very importent part of the game, It can deflect small beams such as generic, and Ki blob, Strong beams will put you into a Struggle, by hitting T by default will turn on turbo, It uses more Ki then on, but it also will help you deflect stronger attack, You must hold left click. Block is also used in melee, When holding it, You wont be able to be attacked from head on, by blocking, Then holding left button, you can counter attack your oppenent.

Ki Blob/Scatter shot. Chapter 2.

Once you melee someone into a wall and they're stunned, Ki blob is a very good attack to finish someone with it will create a large bubble that lasts for a few seconds and does damage to you, Or your enemys when in it. And ALL of your beam attacks can hurt you if you are in their blast range. left click for a slower Ki Blob shots, right click for a very fast launch of Ki blobs. Ki blob and scatter shot are both default 2, By pressing 2 once, you get Ki blob, press it again, And for those characters who have it, it comes up, hold left to fire many balls into the air, Then right click on a target and it will cause them to zoom in on that area.

Chapter 3, Generic beam.

Generic beam is very very powerful when used right, It charges quickly, And fires fast, very controllable, After you melee someone, it's great for a kill shot. It has a medium/small blast range, but will take out people quickly, It's best used after meleeing someone, it will normally be fulled charged before they recovered. It will normally destroy them, If not they will hit you with their melee attack, So it's best to hit them while they are still stunned, or not looking.

If you have any more questions on more advanced moves MSG me at NiteMare Kaos on aim and i will be happy to inform you.

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