1. DaFeLa

    dragonball tactics

    hello me and my team need help on our project dragonball tactics we are searching a code,modeller,animater,artist,or maper if someone wanna parciping here is my msn adde: xxx add me if you ahve one of those skills here is our website : xxxx/ our forum : xxx we created this game for a...
  2. Shuyin

    Technique Tactics?

    What are your tactics for using some moves usefully? Here's mine. Frieza/Krillin Disk Suprise : Fire the disk from long range then swoop along side the disk. Sometimes they will not notice the disk and get gibbed. (good for people who block alot) Renzoku: I find gets more *hits* in if...
  3. U

    Anti-HOWing Tactics

    Well Since I have been eliminatied from the tournement I am starting to work more on my technique. I need to learn not to HOW so much, but I am having trouble keeping sight of the enemy and running low on ki...any pointers?
  4. R


    Hi Everyone is discussing the new version, but what about the one we have right now. what about tactics? Lets start chatting about move combo's and suchlike. for instance which is more effective, in the begining of the game a fully charged kamehameha or one up to the line but shot into a ki...
  5. {SSJ}Master

    Tactics on gaining power!

    Heya Ive always wondered how people get such high power levels so quickly. I have a few tactics on how to do it, but im curious to see how everyone else fares. One great tactic i use is simply going into a P/S, if you win it gives you quite a boost in power. Shield is also REALLY good. I...
  6. Jonesdaniel

    Melee tactics

    Ok, ive been playing for a few weeks and i just want to know what the best way to use melee is? e.g is it best to click secondary attack continuesly as you swoop in to hit someone or to click it once at a well timed point? Any other ways people have to win in melee battles, please share :)
  7. S


    Hello, To all viewing this thread. Id like to hear yalls tips/tactics on using Vegeta/Trunks. I kind of play both characters but my main character is Goku, and was wondering if anyone out there has good tactics on using those 2 characters. Also if you play Buu add some tactics here also, Buu...
  8. N

    How to begin the game- confusing tactics, basic moves explained.

    We will start with the basics, Melee. Melee is a simple attack, powerful, stunning, fast, easy to sneak up on people. First off, you left click when your crosshair is red, Green means ally, Once you do that, a red box should appear around your target. Once you have targeted your...
  9. M

    Favourite Tactics?

    My favourite tactic would have to be swooping knock them about a couple of times and if they stop to charge a attack blast them with the small ki blast and build it up for as long as possible which usally kills them. Or if I can, blast them with what ever controlable attack I got handy.
  10. M

    final fantasy tactics 2 petition

    Sure, its a shot in the dark, but thats ok. http://www.petitiononline.com/tactics2/petition.html
  11. Majin_You

    For Final Fatasy Tactics fans.....

    Just wanted to let u know that Final Fantasy Tactics is gonna be released for the GBA, apparently. Hope this is good news to some of you. BTW, any admin or mod, close this topic before it brings unwanted spam and flaming, cause I know its coming.;)
  12. Ecchi Pr0n

    Spy Tactics = More fun

    *I ment to post this is the other thread i think i hit wrong button sorry* ok we are looking into the prob to much that you ban ppl who have at all right a chance to go to other clans its not yours or our right to look into the clans bisness every day company spies are found and they only get...