1. D

    Titans quest

    Anyone hyped about the roman diablo 2?
  2. SA_Gohan

    [Gamemode suggestion] Clash of the Titans

    Requiring a minimum of four player, Clash of the Titans would split fighters into two teams, each of which has one super powerful "lead" warrior on their team, and at least one "subordinate" who is significantly weaker. The subordinates aren't powerful by themselves, however as long as...
  3. Ravendust

    Clash of the Titans

    In light of the recent King Kong/Godzilla thread, I made this thread to decide which (potentially) building-destroying, society-ruining giant would win in a battle royale hosted in a giant city like New York or Tokyo amidst the skyscrapers. Choose your fighter! King Kong Godzilla The thing...
  4. DaKD

    Heero Yue(for the mod yet to have a name)

    Im almost done with my Heero model for the mod that im on a team for that regretably has no name yet. g-gundam vs gundam wing in hand- to -hand is the idea tho. ill post pics later if i can
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