1. »

    My idea for a Main Menu (ESF)

    Hello, in this small post I wanted to teach you my little idea of a main menu for ESF, I hope you like it. -Main Menu: I also took the trouble to make a "Map Selection Menu". -Map Selection Menu: I hope you like it and I would like you to leave your opinions in the comments. I...
  2. S


    Hi, first off all im going to apologize for my english, second i'd like to say that im a big fan of esf, let's get to the point, i have some suggestions i would like to share with you 1 : i have played a lot ecxrc2 with big pack 8.4 installed and i think that you should do the running of an...
  3. A

    a suggestion for esf open beta version

    hi just thought i would put up a suggestion for an alternate method of transforming for saiyans. my suggestion is this: because of the turbo button's new function may i suggest that a new function be placed on top, that when you reach the limit of the boost if you hold it down further it...
  4. Skyrider

    Arcade Game Suggestion

    Got a game suggestion? Card games? Sport games? Fighting games? Let me know! I'll try to add it for you in the arcade.
  5. Hawkman

    Question about a suggestion

    The last days I was trying to find a good suggestion, so ESF:Final can survive through the years. Well the first one was for a map like the last time( the link is this: if you dont remember you ba*****s)...
  6. Tobanaman

    Another suggestion on stamina.

    The stamina bar in my suggestion would be segmented. Jumping, running in turbo , blocking, basic melee and combo melee would be what would drain the stamina bar as well as any specific special move that seems particularly more physically taxing than ki consuming. Certain moves would put a...
  7. F

    Push back / hard to transform (Just a suggestion)

    Hey, Getting killed: I was thinking, when you get killed there schould some kind of push back, when you die in 1.2.3 its just BOOM dead.. done... respawn(of course). But i was thinking more like a push back or something. Transforming: I think it schould be really hard to transform...
  8. nemesis2290

    Stat suggestion.

    You guys could possibly insert a way to have stats for ki and melee, like using melee would give melee stats and ki attacks would give ki stats. the more stats you have in each category, the more damage that category does, and both combined is equal to your total power level. The stat gain...
  9. P

    Possibility of this suggestion?

    I was thinking about something earlier and wanted to pitch it to everyone to see what their thoughts were on this suggestion: Would it be at all possible for the dev team to release a demo of 1.3? I'm not talking about the outdated 1.3 beta; I mean a demo in the sort of typical sense, i.e...
  10. Slofreak

    High drop animation and ground impact effect suggestion?

    So i was thinking if you drop from a very high height. It whould make like a impact creater effect and also dust effect. But sometimes you just wanna bounce from the ground and use that to your advatage right like 1.2.3. So i was thinking if you hold any movement key durning the drop you will...
  11. M

    Yet another transformation suggestion

    Heey again! I read some suggestions in this forum and there were alot of suggestions about 3D effect while transforming and a lot of eye candy, and I got the impression that we will see that in 1.3. I was wondering while there be any knockback effects when transforming?? like goku becomes SS3...
  12. M

    Speed suggestion

    Heey everyone, First of all I want to congratulate the creators of this mod, I play alot of mods and this one ( of all games ) sure is the most improving and fabulous mod I have ever seen with on the second spot Pirates vikings and knights 2 for half life 2;) I have a question and a...
  13. Vladius

    A suggestion about suggestions

    I was thinking about the use of this section Most of the times people are posting suggestions about features that have already been thought through by the ESF team So that makes the suggestion section quite useless I suggest that ESF team post a list of things and features that require...
  14. Painkiller

    Game Suggestion, again :P

    I'd like this: -Single Player -Fps RPG or something similar -Don't really give all that much damn for the story... I'd like a nice one, though. -Can run on this crate: MAH CRATE: Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.6GHz Memory: 1792MB RAM...
  15. Joabos

    Aesthetic Dash Suggestion

    I've come to notice during the throwing video that ESF:F's Dash particle effect hasn't evolved since ESF 1.2.3, so here's a fix to turn dashing into a sexier effect that pleases the eye and gives a visual sense of great speed. See, here's ESF:F's dash: It looks nothing like the show's, as you...
  16. S

    Spirit Bomb Suggestion

    I had an idea for the spirit bomb to help with team work, I'm not sure how powerful the spirit bomb is intended to be currently but how about in team game modes players on the same team as yours can help boost your spirit bomb and get points in return. This would most definitely help with team...
  17. C

    suggestion meele

    you have to do the meele like the game dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi because the meele of the ESF is not good
  18. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion for firing beams. Make them straight and fast, or controllable and slow!

    I think beams should be able to be fired in two different ways. 1.Beam moves at a faster pace but it is very linear with only the ability to move slightly (as to prevent missing by a matter of a few feet) , making them better for long range. fast attacks. 2. The traditional method...
  19. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion swoop melee vs swoop melee = GO FLYING FOREVER be changed! make it cooler.

    Make it cooler looking, and cooler in general by make it how it would be in DBZ.... Both player may hit eachother with it at the same time, and not "fly like i got hit" back, but simply make the player fly backwards facing upright and ready to fight some more. Looks cooler, and is "more...
  20. Slofreak

    Character Selection Menu Suggestion

    i was thinking of ingame menu when your selecting charaters. First camera is showing all the characters on one map, some being far away some closer some on the left some on the right and doing stuff like goku streaching, Vegeta is turned away from the view being a badass lol, buu is i dunno...