For all you newbies that want to make maps, but dont know what you need

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Apr 19, 2003
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I saw this at the VERC yesterday

It Contains EVERYTHING u will ever need to make maps :yes: and maybe some other stuff to :)

Copied from the VERC (Direct download link at the bottom)
Half life Tool pack 2.2

the tool pack created by Ravage over at the FMC clan

features include

Fixed compact installation problem

Re-catagorised Auto seamer and compilation controller

Upgraded cheating death to V4.5.1

Adds Jed's HLMV 1.0 and is default model viewer

Added sprite maker 1.0

Added MAP viewer 1.0.1's source code

Upgraded Milkshape 3D trial to 1.7.0 Beta

Updated HLtoolz to 2.1

Added MDL Flip

Added Kratisto's MDL Decompiler 1.2 Plugin

This 20mb tool pack contains everything from goldwave to SKPlayer 1.1 which plays demo files. this is all you will need to make levels and/or mods.

The site doesn't contain much of a features list, but i can tell you after downloding it, it had more than 40 applications in the install.
Direct FilePlanet link here...

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