1. D

    Assorted tips for NEWBIES

    Hey folks. This thread is for posting hints/tips for newbies. Please do not post unless you have a hint, to keep this organized. 1) TURN ON YOUR SCOUTER, and set it to Mixed or Radar (radar is best, really). It is by FAR the best way to tell where your opponents are. 2) Learn to teleport. It...
  2. ace005

    for newbies

    Personaly, I'm a noob, and there are alot of terms that noobs don;'t understand maybe someone should make some kind of dictionary related to all the mapping keywords and stuff...
  3. P


    Now that you have installed Earth's Special Forces, using the program mIRC is an essential part of the ESF community. mIRC is a chat program used to talk to people, contact afk people, and just something to leave on all the time. However, mIRC does not consist of one chatroom. It has many...
  4. Malarky


    Could you pls make it so the manul is linked to when the game is instaled or have it as a ingame menu thing so u can select it be4 u press find a server, theres 1 hell of alot of new players and they all havent read it and all apparently cant find it, its quite annoying they dont even know the...
  5. X

    for newbies: steam/Won

    just thought this could be useful since everybody is asking about it. 1. Esf requires steam 2. download steam at if you don't have an original cd from a purchased half life. you still can play but not on the inet. tutorial in playing esf without steam: 1. first...
  6. Avenger

    A few extra tips for you newbies

    I thought i'd let you in on a few tricks to keep you from getting owned. Many people will get mad at me for doing it.. But the noobs must learn somehow. Lesson #1 - ALWAYS turn in the direction your opponent is when trying to head on him, if he turns in the last second you get mushed by an...
  7. M

    About newbies

    1st of all, you can me for example and see the I only have 14 post. :] You all might think that I'm a newbie but technically I'm not. I've been going to this web site every now and then for a while now. :paper: But let me get to the point. I just think that weather or not your a newbie should...
  8. TAz00

    For all you newbies that want to make maps, but dont know what you need

    I saw this at the VERC yesterday It Contains EVERYTHING u will ever need to make maps :yes: and maybe some other stuff to :) Copied from the VERC (Direct download link at the bottom) Direct FilePlanet link here...
  9. JDeezNutz


    can the ****ing newbies stop asking when esf 1.1 is out, my guess it will be at easter ok, theres my guess for the release date!
  10. owa

    [][] Helping Newbies At Art [][]

    Hey, Well I just got this idea of a thread well replying to someones thread in the signature thread. Well your prolly like well what is this, right? Well what my idea was that people who aren't new to photoshop, paint shop, ect could just post tips or little hints, ect about things they...
  11. Mr.Bugskin

    Rules for noobs

    Ok i put his here cuz i dunno where it goes so here r rules for the model/ skins section 1.Do not pm the skinner or the modeler for the model u want. 2.Don't make anythreads that u want the models from skinners and modelers. 3.Don't Freaking Whin if they don't release their models or skins...
  12. K

    to all newbies to the forum

    this isnt really my reposibilty to say this but i will ok for you peopl new the the forum even if you have been here fot say a week PLEASE GOD PLEASE go back 2-3 weeks and read old posts my god so many ideas have been posted again again i did it and found that there was no point posting...
  13. Phobius

    Newbies Guide to the ESF Forums

    > NEW TO FORUMS? READ THIS! < --- Alright I've decided too make all the stickies into 1 big thread all credit will go too where credit is due don't worry. __________________________________________________ Want to get banned ? Here is a list of some quick fire ways of getting your IP...
  14. E


    i hate all u newbies in this newbie part of forum :P i just got banned frome very server available saying i cheat i aimhack oh bull**** whoever here if they are here is SSJ GOku *~vegeta~* ~Veggetto~ ~Argentina ^^Brolly^^ [grman]n00b yall can suck my **** because i own u...
  15. S

    Help me out please?

    Hey all Like i put in my post in Modelin im new to this and wanna start doin doin Game Design next year in Uni so can anyone tell me a good program top use? maybe a site to vist please? thanks all c ya's l8r :p
  16. R


    i have seen afew people (mostly from the dmz forums..sorry to say) that have been calling people like me, A16, judge, hibiki, and spin, newbies, all of us where around b4 dmz was even out so what makes them think they came come on our forums and say stuff like that....damn:rolleyes:
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