1. Demonkush

    Demon's Source Mapping

    ESF mildly inspired me to do some mapping of my own the only way I know how ( So far ). I've used the new version of hammer for so long, once I go to use the goldsrc version I feel mildly limited ( I tried mapping for Ragnorok Arena once, that dead sidescroller deathmatch half life mod )...
  2. krzyhox

    Maps in esf

    I welcome states which are being planned maps in esf??.. And which were done which not: Love:
  3. krzyhox

    Esf final maps

    Hi i have question What maps and how many in esf final whether there will be a corrected map city, kami itp?.
  4. A

    UPDATE: Maps 2011 *video*' First? Nice maps, very nice colors, it will be a real joy for the eyes when the map changes each time .
  5. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Your house on Google Maps!

    For some reason this photo makes it look like I live in paradise. I don't see how?
  6. zmaster

    destructible maps

    is it possible to have destructible maps like in dbz ultimate tenkaichi:-/
  7. Marko1234567888

    Any chance for those maps?

    It will be cool if you could create maps like destroyed Namek or something like that in ESF:Final :)
  8. Z

    Original esf maps

    Hey!I'm a newbie and i just wanted to ask ,can i get original esf maps .MAP files? I don't want to modify them wery much ,i just want to add dragonballs in them and keep them to myself and my brother (he's 5 years old). Thx in advance.
  9. Hawkman

    Maps with Objective Based Game Modes

    Lots of us, thinks that power struggles are cool, but not suited in a freestyle battle with lots of people in the server. So what if there were maps with Objective based Game Modes? I'm talking for a map where the good side will have to protect a spaceship for like 5 min and then escape...
  10. Ghost_Ryder

    Maps needed

    Where can I download these maps? DSSJ_LaserArena esf_cellarena_b6 esf_gghouse esf_lagoon esf_mid sdbz_shenlong soe_ctdb_1on1 soe_ctdb_1on1_2on2 soe_ctdb_challenge soe_ctdb_zarmy soe_ctdb_zarmy_night swa_city tkm_arena_v4 tMx_batlefield tMx_casel tMx_hill tMx_icegero tMx_ikiarena tMx_kash...
  11. Painkiller

    Half-life Model limit, maps

    hey guys. What'll happen if one makes a model that is as big as a map, which has A **** LOAD of brushes and things. You put it in hammer and what do you get? Will that work on ESF or will the limit apply?
  12. EvolutionX

    ESF Maps

    Is there exist esf maps like esf_orbit and esf_grandkai?
  13. MikeOfHeaven

    problems with maps

    on this video: you will see on 1:07 those are bigger maps (openbeta) i installed the openbeta but i got the old namek map from esf 1.2.3 where can i get that big namek map??? ---------- Double Post below was added at - 02:47 PM has...
  14. R

    Create/Edit maps?

    I want to create or edit a map, but i don't have the program. What program i use?
  15. Painkiller

    how are the maps for ESF Final made? Hammer and Modeling :)

    Hey guys I'd like to know what exactly the new maps are :) If they are models, can't you simply make the model and import it in hammer? Hehe.. :P :cry:
  16. NehuIII

    I need two maps

    The special forces Ginyu and Freeza's ship Thanks ^^
  17. Syed Noman

    How about giving Tutorial of how to make esforces maps to fans

    hi guyz, this is my second suggestion how about teaching the Fans the Tutorial of how to make maps for esforces:confused: in this way esforces can get fan work and also the mapping work will be reduce from the esforces team :) and also fans can show their love for esforces.:love: in this way we...
  18. Killiad

    How to make models and maps

    Can somebody tell me how to create esf models or maps?Or at least how to edit them,and what kind of programs i need to do it. plss i really need help
  19. ZapMxl

    model limit problem

    Guyz i have a question one day i downloaded some models for esf and when i was trying to load a map it couldn't load it i saw on console that model limit is 512. How can I solve this problem without deleting any model and how can i increase model limit :confused: (I'm newbie on this...
  20. D

    PLZ help maps on esf

    i have a bad problem with the map esf gero every time i load it it just eather cuts back to the main menu or its dose this for esf z sowared to those are my fav maps and are the biggest plz help i love playing on those maps...