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Oct 30, 2005
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I see that there aren't any server providers listed here that offer ESF. There aren't that many that offer ESF mod hosting so I thought someone should start a server provider list for this mod.

We had some people tell us they had problems locating a dedicated server provider for ESF before.
Please feel free to add other server providers that offer ESF to this Server Provider thread.

Our Company offers ESF mod hosting in six different locations accross the US with the major areas of the US covered by our high speed network regional datacenter locations.

These are the Features of ESF Servers that we host as well as the many other Game Servers we host:
* FREE Server Setup for a limited time (no extra first time setup fee)
* FREE Voice Server for you and your clan with any order! - Current Special
* FAST Setup! Your Server Online within a few hours!
* All Servers are Fast 2.8-3Ghz Dual Processor Xeon machines with 2GB memory all with Hyper-Threading Technology
* Complete RCON access for Server control
* Over 2GB of game server related file space for maps files, etc..
* Unrestricted FTP Access to your game server files
* Server Name and Server Message of the Day of your choice
* Your game server is online 24 hours a day 365 days a year
* No worries about bandwidth usage
* Fast Response by Support Team for any issues
* 24/7 Server Monitoring
* Best Locations for Clan League Matches in the U.S.
* Server Remote Control Panel Webpage
* Secure, Easy Billing System by Credit Card or Check Online using Paypal
* Invoicing Sent by Email at Purchase Time, "ETgameHost" appears on Credit Card
* Easy Month to Month cheap Fast Server Rentals with No Contracts or Hidden Fees!

Our ESF Server Order Page is Located Here

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