1. Mkilbride

    Hive Gaming - Premium server host

    ~ content removed
  2. BlueSaiyan

    Does ESF use the same Half-Life ports? I'm trying to host a server.

    Anyone know? I'm not experienced with this stuff.
  3. V

    How To host

    How can I host a server without opening ports because I am not behind a router.
  4. S

    plz help trying to host dedicated server v1.2.3

    hey i am trying to host esf 1.2.3 dedicated server! i bought a cs 1.6 server from i downloaded the linux dedicated server files and uploaded them i changed the command line to -game esf +map esf_cell_games and got this error LoadLibrary failed on...
  5. Suh Dude

    I need a free host

    Does anyone know a good free host for file hosting, of course allowing .mp3 or .bzip files. I'm not looking for a "rapidshare" type site. I just need a host that'll let me use a sv_downloadurl so my friends don't spend like 50 minutes downloading all my model, sounds, etc.
  6. K

    Cant host server :[

    Whenever I create a server it never shows up on the server list which means that no one can join :/ I turned off all my firewalls and I portforwarded the correct ports and all but it still does the same thing..... All I can do is play in other peoples servers... I've reinstalled about 3...
  7. H


    hello i like to host a serv but i have a router what ports do i need to open??
  8. Big Kyle

    Hey was wondering if anyone has my old sig on a host or on their computer.

    This is an hard request to make but maybe some vets have it on their computer or the maker itself. It was back when my handle was Iwa, and it has Wesley Gibson and Fox on the cig directly in the middle with the lights in the back and the whole sig was a dark maroon color. If anyone from...
  9. N

    ESF Server Host Provider List

    I see that there aren't any server providers listed here that offer ESF. There aren't that many that offer ESF mod hosting so I thought someone should start a server provider list for this mod. We had some people tell us they had problems locating a dedicated server provider for ESF before...
  10. Super-sayain300

    host help

    hi when i make game can i make transformation 1 2 3 and 4? then how and if u know some host commands write them here :yes:
  11. dudeman

    Upload script.. kill my host!

    yo people, for all of you seeking a simple host for your artwork, ive put up a little script that lets you upload files of 5 meg max, as many as you like, and theres no limit to the number of files you can upload.[i might disable adding new files if it gets out of hand] Nor do you need to...
  12. PiXel

    Security and Host for free

    Security: (after a downloaded file.. better scan this file ^^) Host: (100 mb) (for germany,austria and switzterland) (unlimited mb) (for other countrys) (unlimited mb) (20 mb)...
  13. A

    Places to host your jpg stuff.

    I thought this should go in artwork because IMO I think there's more artwork makers. Anyway's here's a few I know:
  14. Damaera

    Places to host your jpg stuff.

    I thought this should go in artwork because IMO I think there's more artwork makers. Anyway's here's a few I know:
  15. crazykorean10

    who you host pics

    hey hworang can you tell me how to host pics you told me b4 but forgot
  16. T

    i wana host my own server help me

    I wana no how to host my own temporary non dedicated server like i see some ppl do the kinda server that goes down when u leave and stuff can anyone help me?
  17. I

    To everyone using my host

    I have changed my FTP address as I now have a new ISP. For everyone still using the old address, ( it will become unavailable in the next few weeks if it already hasn't. I will be re-uploading all my sigs etc. to my new FTP today, the sig name will...
  18. N

    video host

    i nead a host to upload my music video but i dont wand to make a site, that's becours i cant make one. know any, must be work just like a picture host if possible.
  19. S

    PROOF! Real Host

    i reativated my ebfpworld acount see, and for more proof plz send me a pic and i will host it on that!
  20. E

    Map / Model Host

    Hey, if you want to have a site host your maps for ya, works, i just dont know if it allows remote linking, but it seems good for hosting maps and stuff for ya, and it seems to allow somewat big files, lol...