ESF Crashes (Details included)

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Sep 28, 2003
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Alright, ESF Crashes.
The Red Error Window doesn't appear graphically, but is there since I can move my mouse pointer over it and click to close ESF. I think its a red error window since when I restart ESF it pops up graphically. I can't really tell what Illegal Operation ESF performs since I can't read it when it happens in game.
It happens randomly, usually 5-15 minutes into the game. I run a LAN game with bots (ESF-Bot 3.0). I don't use super bots and if I do its just 1, and the most bots I've ever had in a game were 4. There are no patterns of crashing, as in it doesn't always crash on a beam graphic or something, it just happens randomly.

What do I have?
-Counter Strike 1.5 (retail and updated)
-ESF Beta 1.1 (obviously)
-ESF-Bot 3.0
-Win 98, nVidia GeForce 2 MX (drivers freshly updated).
-Pentium III, 1.6GHz

What have I already done to fix this?
-I have Video Options on OpenGL at the same resolution as my desktop (1024x748)
-I have uninstalled CS and ESF and reinstalled both (including bots)
-I have updated my Video Card drivers
-I have run Disk Defrag and Scan Disk (thorough)

Is there anything more I can do?
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May 8, 2003
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please read those posts , it is a new error with the new ESF BOTS 3.
lowering BOTS teleport percent to 0 would give you a few hours of playing instead of a few minutes b4 crashing but still not really solving anything
if you have WINXP you may see a similar error report - as mentioned in the threads!

if you do,
then try to focus on the other threads cause they may be more active and usful for you and me

that is only if you have same problem

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