1. Mkilbride

    Playing Mass Effect 2(Spoilers included)

    So yeah, playing it. Really annoyed how they used the Dues Ex Machina cop out for Shepard. "Oh yes, he DOES die, like in the trailer...but because of advancements in Tech, he can now be revived, not cloned, or a cyborg, but actually him...despite the doctors claiming that all that was left of...
  2. A

    Fatal error message (pic included)

    I was playin a game and randomly got this message: any1 know how to fix this?
  3. A

    Fatal error message (pic included)

    I was playin a game and got this message:
  4. LionHeart

    One Piece Discusions [anime only, spoilers included]

    Ok guys it's time to get an One Piece discusion here. I don't really keep in touch with the manga, mostly the anime. Who liked the latest episode ? xD man .. zoro really got himself into a mess there.I just can't wait to see what Franky will be building.
  5. dan_esf_fanatic

    Need help identifying two movies (spoilers included)

    OK, so the first one is about this teenager named Curt, who gets dumped by his girlfriend and begins hanging out with delinquents, quickly befriending them. After they together TP and sabotage someone's house, accidentally setting it on fire with a cigar, Curt manages to put the blame on his...
  6. M

    Free Music Downloads, Lawsuit Not Included

    Source: *I removed the P2P program names in the quote so that I don't violate the forum rules. *The censored word in the quote is e-m-b-e-d.
  7. veqeta

    Beam Jump Glitche Dem. Included for your viewing pleasure :P

    Well i'm not sure if it's been reported or not, i'm too lazy to read through the archive. well this is the deal, when you beam jump next to someone they die before the head explodes.
  8. veqeta

    Is This the right HALF LIFE 1 for esf (picture included to help)

    i just wanted to know if this was the right half life for esf i got the picture of it right here.
  9. Nuttzy

    yay for easy projects, (sdk included soon)

    i know its nothing fancy, but i was bored as hell and figured id do something quick and easy. no not your best friends mother, but a photoskinned playstation2. its 76 polys. base included. and there ARE a few i plan on claning up on my end, but when i release the model for a lil "skinning...
  10. A

    What Anime Are you watching now? (Manga included)

    Well I'm not really watchin an anime YET But i'll be watching Gundam Seed Destiny 02 and Naruto 104
  11. D

    new sigger meh CAUTION:Spam included

    LoL new sigger on the market check it out. cya the little spammer in tha corner :D *edit* ph34r teh scoober! *double edit* athf is soo cool and funny
  12. S

    ESF Crashes (Details included)

    Alright, ESF Crashes. What- The Red Error Window doesn't appear graphically, but is there since I can move my mouse pointer over it and click to close ESF. I think its a red error window since when I restart ESF it pops up graphically. I can't really tell what Illegal Operation ESF...
  13. Volrath

    Please someone help me

    i'm making a map, but i need the textures of esf_city, and i can't load it from Hammer, someone please help me and send the textures for me by icq = 128825263 or email [email protected] or post a download link here please please please!
  14. Ã

    ssj4Bebi vegta

    yo all i edited this new model and i came up with ssj4Bebi vegta i would have the pic 4 u ppl today but it be like at 4 or 5p.m(FL time) by there it look cool u see :D :D
  15. Scorcher2k

    Question for someone who knows models

    I'm looking to attempt making a decent model. In the tutorial I have of someone making a model for cs they say that the included halflife skeleton wasn't complicated enough for cs. I was just wondering if this is the same case for esf or if I can just go ahead and use the halflife skeleton...
  16. I

    Need a modeler thats not on a project.

    Well...I started a model, but i got 2 days left on my freeware MS3d (never should a gave my registered one to my cousin) and its gonna take me much longer than that to finish it. I'm trying to make a SamariGoku. Here's a pic... Since beta 1.1 isn't out yet..i have no clue how to make it look...
  17. Warrior_Elite45

    Sky Textures?

    I am almost finished making my first map (it's not all that great however lol) and I was wonderin how do you put in sky textures?
  18. IceFire2050

    UGH! Please tell me whats wrong (Pic included)

    this is reduced size but still u get the idea. my background always does this WHATS WRONG WITH MY GAME!? this happens all the time
  19. Mr. Satans

    Bugs > Screens Included

    Invisible Eye Laser Finger Laser's From The Ground?? Who Is Shooting The Beam? Spirit Bomb, Or The Moon? Turbo Just Looks Stupid Sometimes
  20. Skyrider

    some new idea's .. pictures included!

    i ust thinking about this!! .. looks cool to do that! hit and hit on different placed and gohan manover the attacks! and anoter idea, i whas thinking, if you have turbo on, you should see a thing follow you when flying! i dont know how to explain, but when you fly away! you see...