Cant Install ESF? HELP plz!!!

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Mar 8, 2006
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Hey Guys I was wondering if some one can help me I downloaded the latest version of ESF being the beta version 1.2.3 and when I tried to install the game the installer starts but when I get to the screen where I input the destination of where I want to install it I cant click the install button I tried changing the destination of where I want to install the modstill wont allow me to install the game it just blacks the install button out :-( cant some one please tell me whats wrong!! :) P.S. I downloaded the game from 2 different servers and both gave the same result to me :-(
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Nov 30, 2002
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With other words, it won't install it because of 2 reasons:

1), You use the Condition Zero Pack of the game.
2), You haven't downloaded, and launched Half-Life once

It is required that you launch either Counter-Strike v1.6 (not from the Condition Zero pack), and or Half-Life once before you are able to install Earth Special Forces.

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