1. Mkilbride

    New Steam update allows you to chosse where to install games!

    There was a third party program for that before, but it's now Official! Whoot!
  2. N

    hi every one when i install big pack 8.4 it doesnt work

    when i install it rc2 then i install big pack the two doesnt work like i have only 9 characters :cry:
  3. V

    Won't let me install ESF

    Ok I did something stupid and instead of uninstalling it correctly, i just deleted the esf folder from my half life folder when i wanted to start now I have the newly downloaded esfb123.exe and when i try to install it from taht it says ESF is already installed do i want to uninstall...
  4. Nemix

    Can't install Steam

    I can't install Steam, I get this error: And same goes for the patch for GTA IV. And no I'm not installing something else or another setup in the background, I have just Yahoo! Messenger, uTorrent and Nod32 working.
  5. U

    Help with install on windows 7

    1.I have Steam Downloaded and i have my Account name 2.Bought the half-life game off stream itself so i dont have a cd key but i do have half-life 1 i can play 3.i installed esf 1.2.3 when it finish downloading i put the folder and save in it own location than when i try opening the folder...
  6. T

    esf 1.2.3 install problem

    when I download the esf 1.2.3 from the link on the news page on, once it's done saving I can't open, run, and install it. When I try to use internet explorer to open it then the thing says it's a MIME file or mime x MIME file or something like that. I can't seem to open it with...
  7. N

    Installation Help

    Hello, i'm new to this. I already have Steam downloaded, and bought Half-Life. I made sure I played it real quick to have files updated too, but yet it still won't install correctly. I first off tried to install the ESF 1.2.3, this one actually worked up until the part where I needed to...
  8. M

    Cant install

    Hi all, i have cs on steam, so i have hl too(engine, it downloads auto) so when i go to validation it says that i dont have hl
  9. Z

    Help A Noobie Out with Install Problems

    I Just got 1.2.3 version and i have halflife installed but everytime i try to do a LAN match with bots everytime i click create game it pops up with a half life window saying "could not load from library C:/SIERRA/Half-Life/esf/cl_dlls/client.dll" can anyone help me i used to play a long time...
  10. F

    Where i must install ecx?

    Where i must install ecx and work?
  11. C

    ESF 1.3 Open Beta Final install problems.

    hello i followed the instructions to install ESF yet im still having trouble. i dont see esf iin my steam list of games nor can i find an .exe to run the game. if anyone can help that would be great
  12. E

    Help with esf 1.3...

    Hi everyone I just started with esf and the forum but I alrady need help :p As you see,I have a problem with esf 1.3 Openbeta.When I install it(Into CS)and appears what to install,it only shows the necesary files and I don't even have a shortcut with it.I already have installed 1.2.3...
  13. Spunky

    CPU Survey

    If you'd like the opportunity to help ESF, please download CPU-Z, then save a report to this thread. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Download CPU-Z. 2. Install CPU-Z. 3. Run CPU-Z. 4. In the 'about' tab, click "Save Report (.TXT)". 5. Save the report somewhere easily accessible, like your...
  14. S

    Does it?

    I'm new in this, but I wanted to know, if I have CS 1.6 steam, will it work if I install ESF on it? If not, I also heard that ESF will work on the HL demo, is that true?
  15. MrPlow

    Picky DVD-RW?

    Alright i found my "old" Oblivion DVD and decided to install the game since i wanted to play some RPG. Anyway i pop the disc in and my DVD-RW starts "reading" it and then it "autoruns" but the autorun is an empty disc window and it's like there is nothing on the DVD but when i click on...
  16. S

    I try..

    I have a problem when i try to install ESF. See : ns56231 :/home/esforces/steam# ./hlds_run -game esf +maxplayers 16 +map esf_arri val +port 30000 Auto detecting CPU Using AMD Optimised binary. Auto-restarting the server on crash Console...
  17. M

    I habe buyed but give me error the server are occupated ( busy ) ?

    Helppp! i have deleted the steam.dll and no have function...pls help me!
  18. W

    Can I install ESF if I only have cs 1.6 and not HL?

    As the title says.
  19. Nemix

    Install Mac OS on a Desktop PC

    Is that possible? If yes please help me to do it. :D
  20. K

    i cant hit the install button

    listeni tried in disck c and d still nothing i got enuf place i cant post picture ened 5 posts i wil ledit later btw its esfb123