1. Doku

    ESF: ECX RC3 AF creating server problem. PLZ HELP

    Ive just installed ecx rc3 w/ the af mod. I want to create a server to fight against bots but when i create a server it starts to load 'starting local game server' & then stops & puts me back at the title screen. Putting LAN on or off doesn't make a difference. Any Ideas???
  2. A

    ESF ECX RC2 Character making help plz

    Hi! As you know in the description for ESF ECX RC2 it states "A Development Kit to modify current and create new characters for ECX will be provided in a different release" Any body got an idea? or atleast send a link to a how to create a ECX character or AMXX character making??? THXSOMUCH:yes:
  3. A

    Esf Open Beta final and 1.2.3 dosn't work plz help!!!!!

    Hi My name is Anel. so i have a problem whit esf open beta final when i start the game and when it opend the game it work fine but when i wait 10 or 15 sec all of a sudden the game closes like i never iven click the close button. Plz help me i really want to play esf open beta final plz plz...
  4. G

    Someone explain me plz :)

    When i launch esf i get meniu of counter strike and any people can join to my server without my permit. Also i cant add bots. I have played esf before 5 years and esf was different. Maybe i need diferent instal, version of esf?
  5. B

    Need Help Badly!!

    Ive been looking for the esf baby edition model pack 1.8 for a few days and I cant seem to find it anywhere:cry:... This is my last resolution so plz can someone help me find it... post me a link if you do.. thx in advance:D
  6. P

    Vegeta model (advice and rank plz)

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum but not new to ESF game :D It's one of the best games as I am big fan of Dbz;) About 2 years ago I've done some modelling but then I stopped and now I picked it up again. I had an idea to create kinda DBZ short movie and my first model was Vegeta. I think it's...
  7. F

    Plz help!

    Hello I have a question .. is that this game is great but also it has a bug with the bots that I think can not be put ... Well I would like to know if there any solution for this bug and play with bots Well thank you for your help :yes:
  8. D

    PLZ help maps on esf

    i have a bad problem with the map esf gero every time i load it it just eather cuts back to the main menu or its dose this for esf z sowared to those are my fav maps and are the biggest plz help i love playing on those maps...
  9. D

    cci help PLZ

    ok someone tell me the basic way to make a char in cci rc2 plz :-/:-/:-/:-/:-/:-/:-/:-/
  10. D

    svere help plz

    when start a svere on esf ecx rc2 with bp v8.4 it workes fine but none of mine friends can joine ints not a lan severe buts it dosent show up on the find severs list PLZ HELP :cry::cry:
  11. P

    Helpppppppp Plz O.O Problemm i Cant Play T-T

    I Instal de Game ::D but is has a problem it dont work when i will choose my class he get out of the game and dont say nothing !!! plz help :cry: :cry: :cry::cry: i wanna play T-T:cry::cry::cry:
  12. N

    Plz help!!!!!!!

    Can Esf Ecx Work on my toshiba satellite a30. plz awnsero_oo_oo_o
  13. P

    People Cant See My Game. Help Plz

    I want to create a server in which my friends and others can play on. Ive Portforwarded the ports 27015 - 27025, My firewall is turned off and its on sv_lan 0. Ive spent hours and have came no further then when I started. Can you pros help me plz! tnx!:smile:
  14. D

    Help Plz.

    when I try and run the 1.3 beta I get this err. could not load library d:\steam\steamsapps\dukeboyboy666\half-life\esf_openbeta\cl_dlls\client.dll I have steam and installed it, and it shows up in steam. I have half-life installed as will.....
  15. S

    plz help trying to host dedicated server v1.2.3

    hey i am trying to host esf 1.2.3 dedicated server! i bought a cs 1.6 server from i downloaded the linux dedicated server files and uploaded them i changed the command line to -game esf +map esf_cell_games and got this error LoadLibrary failed on...
  16. lowrider123

    plz help esf+ecx+big pack 8.4

    ppl i started to get streesed with esf 1.3 and esf opean beta so i wanna play esf 1.2 so can you plz tell me in direct steaps how to istall them not download them on my computer,i have all three . and i hate error is esf 1.3 so i planed to do this at least i can change into ssj4 okay plz answer...
  17. T

    fatal error plz help

    k guys fro mthe last time i got a fatal error the problem was that idint have enough ram so i asked my friend if i could have is ram coz he has a spare it had like 500 ram on it so then i put it in with my ram witch gave me like 1gb ram now that i got 1 gb iot should work fine right... well ur...
  18. M

    need help plz

    ok so i downloaded half life 2 demo after u install zango u download the half life 2 demo and then gives u the option to download the esf 1.2.3 well i can't install the esf i have read the install page and it says it will only work with half life 1 so did...
  19. T

    fatal error plz help

    when i open esf and choose a map it loads but then like half way threw the loading the game closes and i get a message called fatal error and it says Cache_TryAlloc: 1095824 is greater then free hunk. i also read al lthe post about fatal errors but they dont really help so plz can u help me on...
  20. S

    omg plz help fast!

    k ive been trying to download this game for like 4 days now and ive tryed all of the files and i have steam downloaded to and when i tryed to download it on the old website it did the same thing as the new one it gets to were the install location and it wont let me click install so i try and use...