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May 19, 2005
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I just have one question. Is it posible to set up bots on the steam dedicated?
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Feb 17, 2003
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Allthough this really belongs in the bots section, heres how.

The bots are built into the ESF code, so there is no need for editing the liblist.gam
Heres what you do:
Go to your dedicated server's console. (if you cant directly access it use rcon and rcon_password)
Type in esf_bot addbot. (this works with anything too; esf_bot commandNameHere)
And there you go. And just so you wont have to access your console every time the server crashes, you can put the following line in your autoexec.cfg:
esf_bot botkickall
esf_bot addbot
esf_bot addbot
(keep doing esf_bot adbot until you have the desired number of bots)
esf_bot commandNameHere

Please note: esf_bot botkickall MUST be first

Also, if you want a few how-tos, go to your commandmenu.txt in your esf folder. It contains a bunch of diffrent ways you can use the addbot command, and it contains other commands and cvars.

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