1. Viper

    Young Justice Robin

    I figured I should stop spamming the "Simple render thread" :) Gonna post some wires and a normal mapped mesh later, if anyone's interested.
  2. C

    Does Video gaming affect the learning skills of young Kids?

    Nowadays most of the young Kids play various types of Video games/ also Internet games; Does it affect their spelling, reading/ and learning Skills? Kindly post your replies based on your experience/ from researched publications. MR.BULL Sir, Hope your depressed mood is giving way to positive...
  3. The Deco

    Young people who drink alot tend to have more sex WHERE IS MY 12 [email protected]?!#?!?! Discuss
  4. SS4 Gogeta

    Promising young Canuck killed in crash I was really starting to like the way he was starting to play. R.I.P Luc Bourdon, my thoughts go out to his family and friends
  5. V

    Young link of zelda

    Hi,people. my question is, Someone can create of young link of zelda 64. I can give photos of young link. Is a good project. Please to try create of model. My msn is [email protected] :laff: thanks.
  6. PiXel

    Young Kakashi

    Yeh <_< .... i somehow modeled a anime model... lol I just wanted to model something and i searched for some amazing character... but badly i havnt found any of em ;( then i saw the ref. of davidskiwans young kakashi :) so i decided to model it. Might the air is wrong but its my 3d try...
  7. A

    Young Kakashi sig DX

  8. Enix

    Young Kakashi [WIP]

    Finally the forums are back up :D. I started this model like 2 weeks ago or so and I just started skinning it a few days ago. Just takin baby steps atm. Heres what i got so far: The body is done, but im not showin that till i start skinnin it :D.
  9. Soulicro

    :sigh: young love

    God dammit... sorry Im posting this up here, I just had to let it out and everybody is asleep over here x_x I moved to the states when I was 11. Originally, Im from Israel. In the beginning it was only my parents and I, since my bro and sis had to go to the army... but now theyre off, and my...
  10. T

    young Roshi pic

    :] This is a pic I drew ages ago but now i decided to colour it should be masters roshi when he was young :cool: my personal opinion: the drawing isn't that bad but I suck at special effects.
  11. Nuttzy

    pan WIP

    i started her yesterday, with the intent of trying out my newly obtained skinmapping leetness, (i learnt a few things i didnt know before), the skin isnt done thats just the base skin that ill be adding the details over, her pants are mirrored with no visible lines where the skinmap overlaps...
  12. B

    NEW GREAT Gogeta

    Here my Gogeta its for esf 1.1 and evm
  13. Kman3252

    Young Goku

    This is a model by Tomwoof. Its avaible free at turbo Squid but it is a lightwave file. If anyone has this program and could make it into a .mdl file that would be awseme. :yes: :yes: :yes: pic...
  14. G

    Goten beta 1.1

    please make a Young Goten normal+ssj for beta 1.1 the old one dosent work just look here after i fiered blueatack
  15. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Improoved young gohan

    Well , i have improoved the gohan , that he looks more like the episodes. And please on topic talk only or this tread will be closed! :cry: Credit tO: Real modeler of gohan - body Real modeler of trunks - sword Heres the differemce The old one: And the new one : A...
  16. Ultra33Gokussj3

    young gohan - saiyan saga

    I have done a gohan from saiyan saga when he was training with piccolo , to meat the saiyans , :laff: , the model s done Heres a pic: Should i release it?:devgrin:
  17. C

    Young Gohan Pack!

    Can somone make a young gohan pack for esf. His regular form can be him from the saiyan saga and his trans form can be a battle damaged namek gohan. His sounds can be done fairly easy 2. His masenko and kamehameha can be eaisly found. and his trans can be when he busts out of the saiyan...
  18. G

    Goten young

    Hmm heard about a new way of modling. do one piece and improve it until it's perfect, then do another piece etc. so your model should look perfect at the end. anyway i'm going to try this. here ya go, took 2 hours for this, it's supposed to be goten young:
  19. S


    does anyone still have the bojack gohan? the one that has the mystic gohans body and sbolts head? if anyone has it can they email it to me at [email protected] or if its on a site can they give me the link. and i need the young gohan sounds also i forot to back them up when i replaced...
  20. G

    Teen Gohan or young gohan

    hi i just wanted to know if teen gohan and young gohan was going to have the same moves or different moves? Sorry is someone talked about this but i could not find it. I am a noob lol.:laff: