1. Chakra-X

    Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death

    My Launch 60gb PS3 has died today ;(. She went strong for 4 years and gave me the Yellow Light of Death while I was playing Transformers: War on Cybertron. Sony is having a "Limited Time Offer" where you can send them your broken 60gb PS3 and they'll give you a refurbished 120gb PS3 Slim for...
  2. It's over One Million!

    Piccolo's Final Form with yellow Sparks

    In dbz anime Piccolo's final form (super namek) have yellow sparks. What you think?
  3. elNarr

    100 Yellow Xbox 360's to stores

    Source: Pretty Funny, i'd cry if it's the same price as elite. :rolleyes:
  4. Suh Dude

    The Yellow River? That's alot of Sunny Delight. :shocked:
  5. Jakut

    Yellow Fever - the documentary.

    This is just too too hillarious
  6. Kaination

    Piccolo yellow aura?

    Before I start, I want to say, my god so many people are wanting ESF 1.3. its annoying :p -- Note: Piccolo doesnt go SSJ but i know that, but im going to use it cause its easier :p so when i talk about piccolo going ssj, thats his trans. ^^ Anyways, back on subject. I tried the give...
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Non yellow final flash?

    Has anyone seen the "the lost move: plan to destroy the saiyans" 43 minutes into it, i'm pretty sure vegeta says "final flash" and shoots this huge beam, but it isnt yellow. edit, watched the rest of the movie, he does it again, says final flash. and the beams like whiteish blueish
  8. Suh Dude

    Wear Yellow..

    Anyone wearing one right now? I am. I bough 10 for 10 dollars, and gave them to mah friends. ^^. I'm gonna either buy the pink one, or the green one. Yellow band = Live Strong. ( Cancer ) Green band = Support the Troops. Pink, = Uh, I forgot The Bands show you that you support certian...
  9. X

    Yellow attack as non-ssj???

    Yep its really intresting. I was non-ssj with the ability to go ssj. I had my melee option selected i hit z to trans. I decided to beam jump to a safe place so while i was transforming i switched to generic beam. I then descended never going ssj and to my surprise i beam jumped with yellow attack!
  10. L

    yellow kamehameha

  11. B

    5 min sketch

    ehm 5 min sketch + coloring did this when i was bored yesterday evening, i grabbed a lil notebooklet (like with the yellow paper and the sticky strip to paste it on a fridge etc) and a black ink ballpoint and sketched some stuff and came out with this its for my dod clan (sigh)...
  12. Death The Jedi

    Galactic Tornado

  13. Tweek

    ..Which 1 do u want

    ..Keh i started work on a Perfect Cell a wil bck and i Decided 2 Let Ultra carry on from torso cus he cant P by P model so i though he could get sum Experiance. I also decided 2 carry on so we now hav 2 Cell mdls but U hav 2 decide which 1 u guys want ;) My cell (-EVM- Tweek) This 1 done...
  14. Suh Dude

    BD Vegeta

    I need Zererth Permission to release it because i seen alot of rips out there and stuff... if he doesn't let me owell and if i see a rip of it of my skin when i release it i'll never release my ponage Gohan and my Vegeta Ur Future awaits you.....
  15. S

    how to make ur models glow

    if u want ur models to glow without an admin then read this. this is all done in milkshape. first u select ur whole model then u duplicate it. select the duplicate and go to tools fatboy. type in .1 then press ok. then assign the duplicate to a texture (skin). select duplicate again and go to...
  16. DaMan

    I made a aura

    Here is what I did to Goku some kinda aura Comments and critz welcome, but no FLAMING
  17. Kreshi

    My fist own Model!!! Only animations and Skeleton are by Darktooth!

    Hiiiiiiiiii :D My first model is finished in ssj- form! It relplaced ssj- trunks... the normal sj- version isn´t finished jet.. give me some crits please :D Pics: The download- link will come soon Please tell me also how the sj- version can look like^^ :D
  18. Suh Dude

    Green S wallpaper

  19. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Bojac Trunks Wip

    Well i have started a wipp of bojac trunks , i want to make him the same as the movie i made him a brand new hair poly by poly , heres what i done so far , but the bones arent assigne i need Sin Goku to complette it:laff: credit to: Real modeler of trunks - belt ,boots, head , sword Azn -...
  20. M

    shark model request

    can any1 make me shark model? i mean 1 normal shark and the second is yellow with "M" on his head. plz make me1 and if u can i wanna learn how to model but with living ppls no toritals or any other text or movie....