1. bapplebo

    Uhh yeah, little Max8 problem

    Lets make this snappy. I cloned my model, added a push modifier and adjusted some settings. I then deleted the push modifier, but then, the cloned model remained (as it should). But, now, I can't seperate the original from the cloned! It's not a seperate object (I attached the original to the...
  2. SailorAlea

    Naruto of the Week[Spoilers Allowed]

    This thread is for the discussion of new episodes of Naruto that come out. Spoilers (obviously) are allowed. After this point, please don't create any "Episode 151 discussion," (etc) threads. Discussion of the series in general should be done here...
  3. []Kirby

    umm yeah i dunno where else to put this

    i dunno where else to post this question but what type of 3d modeler do you guys use like (CRAP i forget the higher end one all i remeber is the lower ended free ware version) o well since i can't remeber what its called who uses gmax? lol cause thats pretty good at 3d modeling if you don't...
  4. bapplebo

    tourney's closed so... yeah...

    This is what I had for GFK. C&C?
  5. G


    who ever can do the best model of saiyaman gohan without the cape, helmet, head bandana or glasses wins. wel...i guess a contest is a bit dimeaning but this is what i need... thnx! (my other needs are mystic krillin:(just re-use regular model) with halo and maybe more angry, piccolo(if u can...
  6. Final Vegeta

    Yeah you prob dont want to hear this but..

    Any updates on the patch? Its taking quite long, i would like to know hows it going.
  7. S

    Yeah, yeah, it's been said a 1000 times, but...

    The reason for no pl save is fairly obvious- online. How hard would it be to make a game mode where only bots could join- so you could go online and start off normal, but keep working on your big pl character in that mode with bots only for fun?
  8. S

    new sig, crappy but.. yeah

    I know its simple, but i aint exactly a sig maker and i just do it when im bored so dont mind the crappyness, anyway here it is: if the image aint workin go to: and come back, and maybe it'll work >_< Anyway, i just wanna know, should i...
  9. N

    Small suggestion (yeah yeah so soon)

    Was just wondering if its possible to allow (in the far future of course) characters to be able to jump off walls while holding a charged ki attack. I think it'll make wall jumping a little more usefull. So you could do things like jump off a wall to dodge one attack then beam jump to dodge...
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    yeah boa sig/banner

    this is a banner for an upcoming contest on a different forum so what ya think? we were supposed to take a kpop artist and make a banner
  11. U

    Melee System Idea (Yeah, another one)

    Alright, as you all may know of, there has been a constant flow of ideas fed through the forum about the speed of the new melee system. I have an idea, simple n' unique. Okay, for the combo system, what if with more power that you gain, you can achieve them faster. The blocker, being a lower...
  12. DiebytheSword

    Meh, some new stuff because I haven't been in here in a while.

    These are the first peices of art someone paid me to make for them. Woo hoo. I haven't done anything lately but these, but I plan on attacking my scetch pad soon. En garde! *adding them in a moment, couldn't attach to forum* I don't watch Yugioh, so I did use reference pics for...
  13. blackplague

    Mapping help, and some questions

    I need a mountain turrain for my map, its called esf_rivals, and its coming out good, and i also need a big lake, if anyone can help, please post... and whats the model name for the trees? my question, how do u make the map so lighty? i've tried everything and it still wont light up...
  14. Raven Blade

    Pan Re-Skin WIP

    Pan Re-Skin WIP (edit) & Vegeta Decided to take a vacation from skinning but am back skinning anything I can get my hand on so if u have a good model that is for want of a better word "NAKED", then pm me as it seems there is a fair few good models out there but th skins applied are something...
  15. Es_Trunks2

    My First Anime Picture

    now i know this sux :rolleyes: but it was my first try, offhand..i had trouble with the hair style, couldnt make any that i thought of, well here my lousy addition to anime ---------------- Tutorials Used ---------------- Anime headshape tutorial --------------------------------...
  16. J

    The Matrix Revolutions Wallpaper

    Just to stay in the matrix scene :)
  17. VivaLaPineapple

    simple wallpaper

    yeah simplicity
  18. Devion

    new background.

    <img src=""> Made a new background for my pc srry for the high resolution but my pc has this resolution.
  19. Suh Dude

    First Model Edit!!!!!and need help

    i guess its better then everyone else but one thing when i tryed to save it it gives me a vertex problem.WTF does that mean
  20. Death The Jedi

    Galactic Tornado