1. D

    Yay, iPhone stuff!

    Figured i hadn't posted in years.... Here's a (typical) goku, normal and ssj I whipped up in a day for an iphone pitch at work that almost went through They're pretty minimalistic.. tempted to add in a few more tris here and there and put them out to surf on the web... meh anyways...
  2. The Deco

    OK I succeeded in plugging my TV to my Stereo system, yay!

    (title) now the other problem is this: NOTE: WHITE CABLE IS REFERRED TO THE SAME THING AS THE BLACK CABLE IN THE FIRST PICTURE Since im slow minded sometimes, and I don't pay attention, I only recently found out that the audio signal my stereo system gets from my TV is only mono but gets...
  3. Grega

    Yay for people clicking MSN virus links

    OK guys here is a little heads up ^^ Seems like a couple of people that were once in this comunity (and just happen to be on my MSN list) got a bad case of a work using MSN links XD Basically watch out for anyone that spams you with links to pictures on a site that is kinda similar to...
  4. DJ-Ready

    Points/Activity System yay or nay - vote

    Simple question, do you guys want to keep the activity system or not? The poll is open for one week, until then it stays active. More info: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=172050
  5. Nuttzy

    computer questions again yay.

    long story short, the PSU that shipped with my new machine was less than stellar (im talking 250w >_>) thats not near enough to run any PCI-E graphics cards. so i need to upgrade that first, but now that i have gotten used to the quietness of my new computer (cant even tell it is on, save for...
  6. Jariroth

    Yay! New Siggeh, or something...

    Decided to keep it simple though, added some Tatami mats on the background(due the lack of innovation). And the text is so simple that i cant really call this sig done yet... Keen eye might notice that i didnt use a transparent on the back of the girl, i used this forums colours instead...
  7. AmoN

    Eminem signature yay!

    oi i really like this one ^^ make some crits so i can make it perfect =D
  8. Suh Dude

    PS2 on the computer yay!

    I got my PS2 hooked up to my PCI card. Now, I was wondering if I bought a component cable for it that it'll be better looking on the computer because its all like strechy looking, and I can barely see the fonts on most of the games, or I can get a thing called S-Video cable for my PS2 but I...
  9. Suh Dude

    Yay flamage

    Good job dumbass, Spin gave permission to mystic? Last time I checked, he gave them to mark and I made him the new layout which was version 2. Now mark gave you the layout without my permission. ALSO, STOP ****ING TELLING ME TO GO ON MSN, YOU ****ING ***, I've gotten 20 Private Messages from you...
  10. Suh Dude

    A DBZ Music Video, yay?

    Its not Linkin Park, nor its System of a Down. Its Side Winder by Avenge Sevenfold. I hate DBZ Music Videos and Naruto ones. I planned to do a Bleach one but I couldn't find any good high quality clips, instead I found high quality porn in Google Search Results. =_=...
  11. G


    i finnaly got ESF :) im playin it right now. ty Pain for postin how to install :)
  12. Suh Dude

    Yay Electric Guitar?

    Erm, anyone want me to recommend a good eletric guitar for beginners? Price range probably $100-150, and a good cheap AMP too would be nice. Tabs would be cool I guess, but I wouldn't need them yet if I don't have a guitar. :rolleyes: I asked here because, after looking at the "Post your...
  13. Kaination

    Yay, the power of LIGHT sig o/

    yay, i got off my arse and made a sig :D idk, i like it :)
  14. ~*Logan*~

    Superman Returns.... Yay?

    I've never been the biggest fan of Superman. However, seeing the previews of Superman Returns... I kinda thought it would be really good. Lex: "WRONG!!!" Superman Returns, in the end, was just a movie about Superman "returning"...and watching him save people. That's pretty much it...
  15. ~*Logan*~

    Yay! ^_^

    Gamefaqs.com posted my top 10 Hardest Video Game Bosses Ever list! Go check it out! Its a good read. However, it'll only be around for today though :( Man...I made that back in mid-december. Sure took a long time to get posted o.o
  16. B

    Work.. yay

    How many of you have to work today ? I work from 4 to midnight tonight. Post your hours. If you dont work ..well I hate you, I had to work 9 hours on christmas too [get time and ahalf tho]. [yeah .. dont ever get a job at a gas station .. even if it is temporary.. ] edit : I...
  17. Suh Dude

    yay for inspiration

    I got back to sig making! I got a break from NHD so yeah, give me some of that goodness C&C. =O
  18. Spunky

    It's finally here, yay!

    The DOOM movie poster is here: Post comments.
  19. Mr. Satans

    Yay For Routers

    I just got my very first router today to accomodate the laptop I just bought today as well. Only thing is that I am really frustrated with allowing ports. Is there a way to allow ALL ports? Im tired of setting ports for EVERYTHING I want to run (Ex. Teamspeak, UltraVNC, ALL GAMES, etc...)...
  20. -Origin

    Yay a... thing.

    Being bored, pissed and after months of not touching ps I decided to start it up again.. got this out of it. Rate it, hate it, do your thing.