1. J

    Android 17

    Im workin on an Android 17 model. All i need to finish the body is a good pic of his gun, then i'll start the head. It might get into ESF, but it might have too many polies. It's 1850 now and should be ~2200 with the head. If you have a good ref pic of his gun, plz post it! and...
  2. S

    golden oozaro

    heres a golden oozaro i threw together in about 10 minutes its not done yet. please don't be to harsh it was hard to put together and make. credits to orig. bfp oozaro maker. i'll update later.
  3. S

    Something wrong with snakeway_v2

    I downloaded the map and every time its about to go in it says its missing a sprite or something like that. Where do i get the file thats missing?
  4. A

    i need help

    i cant get esf to wark can any one help me??:cry: :cry:
  5. B

    ESF League

    Hey The Esf League is Starting Soon Join Fast!!!! www.ForceFightersZ.tk Jion League Now :)
  6. LaMM

    My New Website

    I've made a new website on which I show all of the work I do and have done!!I'm not quite as good in anything as I want to be but I'm getting better!!!Look at the last ones with everything. Anyhow look at my site it has backgrounds, sigs, maps, programs and more! This is it's url...
  7. S

    something is SERIOUSLY wrong here!!

    DO ALL OF THE MODS HATE ME OR SOMETHING?!?! first, i open a thread about something in the show, not a spam/flame AND IT GETS CLOSED!!! now, EVERY ONE opens a "what do u think of me" thread AND ONLY MINE GETS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF IS WITH THAT!?!?!?!?!?!? this just pisses me off!!!!!!!
  8. DaKD

    SSJ Brolly

    here the first part of my SSJ-LSSJ Brolly pack its still a WIP but crits wuld be nice. YES this is for esf so dont ask PLZ *edit* new pics later :fight:
  9. D

    Converting crosshairs?

    how would i convert a crosshair from another game to esf? any1 know?
  10. Angel_Sephiroth

    What am I doing wrong????

    I just don't get it! I would like to put up this sign of Sephiroth And the forum won't accept it! First they say its to big and then that its to big of memory.... what could be the problem or what am I doing wrong?