1. |Overlord|

    just wondering

    soon enough i will have 1.5mbit adsl at my place (i guess my days of being an internet cafe junkee are over...... brings a tear to my eye , i'm gonna miss it) anywho , with installing hl to steam , i'm wondering do i need a patch or anything for it (other then that hl1110 patch , or do i need...
  2. S

    just wondering here...

    well, recently ive been loving vampire masquerade bloodlines aside from performance, and i was just wondering, if it'd ever be possible to mod hl2 with vampire bloodlines content? i dunno what for, maybe multiplayer or something, im just wondering if this could be possible? i dunno what people...
  3. Eon

    Hmm.. Just wondering

    Does anyone here play Madden 2005 for PC? If so, post in here and maybe we can have like a tournament or something. :]
  4. Avenger

    Just wondering a bit..

    In Earths Special Forces V 1.2.2, you will fix bugs and errors right? I know you wont add anything big. But, can you please make a PL command or something? Because since its a new version, it would be nice if it contained *something* except bug fixes.. Just wondering.. Don't kill me for this post..
  5. Eon

    :O Just wondering..

    I fany of you guys have seen the KOTOR 2 trailers..what do you guys think? I think it's gonna own ass ^_^ I can't wait for it to come out \o/
  6. S

    just wondering

    i started a few months a go modelling i did a human model and now i wanna make a dbz model from where i can get side and front view background of dbz?
  7. suppertime

    I was always wondering...

    What program to use to make maps for Hl & co (co I mean by mods) and what to save it in, and how to program it and such (ladders doors). So if someone could "enlighten me, it would be greatly appreciated. :)
  8. sjj_gohan

    Just wondering...

    Ive left the Esf world for awhile and i was wondering if people still play beta 1.1? So say if i had 1.1 on my pc and i were to look for servers... would i find any?
  9. Eon

    Just wondering if anyone watches...

    I know most reality TV shows suck major balls.. but I'm a big fan of most of stand up comedy..so does anyone watch Last Comic Standing on NBC? Just wondering if anyone else on the forums have been keeping up with it...
  10. Rayna


    I was just wondering why, when I try to save a sig as layers (as to have a backup to it) I save it in .psd and close it, then when I open it again its all in one layer :shocked: Does anyone know why this happens? o_o
  11. J

    wondering about a song...

    what ddr song is played in the first melee trailor video that featured the 1.2 melee?
  12. V

    Just Wondering

    Wel in the efs_gero map, is there annyway of opening it?
  13. R

    Just wondering...

    Well... When i start a server... I can choose 3 options.. :( Free fighting Team Capture the dragon balls (CTDB) But... :cry: Which one i choose of these doesn't matter.. Because, when i pick for example CTDB and start... it starts in teamplay.. :S same thing...
  14. W

    just wondering

    why are in the 1.2 pack models for buu's bodypart and things like Good and Evil models? i never seen them ingame :rolleyes:
  15. A

    Wondering o_o

    Are you working on beta 1.3 or having a break? Anyway this is just a question. 1.2 pwns anyway :laff:
  16. Cold Steel

    I was just wondering.

    Is it possible to increase the max size limit, of esf maps with coding? I know you did something simulair with the player models in order to let it have more animations. Allthough the maps allready are pretty big, dmz mod maps can never be too big :p
  17. Grega

    just wondering

    well since its now official that esf b1.2 will be out this saturday i was just wondering how are the bots 4.0 coming along will they come out whit this esf relese or later?
  18. OubliezJe

    Just wondering. how lon you spend?

    How long do you spend a day on teh fourms? (if there isnt a poll please specify, poll might not work)
  19. HaLLiS

    Just Wondering

    i no ive already said this ages ago but theres a prob wen u block a powerful beam and u get pushed basically out of the way of the beam and it doesnt look like ur actually blockin it, it would look way better if the player wasnt pushed to the side and was directly infront of the beam, still rox...
  20. I

    Just wondering...

    i know there is a lot of questions about 1.2 and when its going to be out, and all kinds of stuff like that. I just want to know about what % complete it is, if the team is willing to share that information it would be appreciated, thanks.