1. I

    tutorials for wings 3d

    is there any good tuts or making characters in wings 3d
  2. J

    hay dude, didnt you order chicken wings with that? hehehe
  3. -Origin

    Angel Wings signature

    I posted this in a new thread to avoid double posting :laff:
  4. TimTheEnchantor

    Angels Wings..

    For my literary magazine cover.. coloring it over the next week or so..:
  5. DiebytheSword

    Meh, some new stuff because I haven't been in here in a while.

    These are the first peices of art someone paid me to make for them. Woo hoo. I haven't done anything lately but these, but I plan on attacking my scetch pad soon. En garde! *adding them in a moment, couldn't attach to forum* I don't watch Yugioh, so I did use reference pics for...
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    simple wallpaper

    yeah simplicity
  7. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Perfect cell tread #2

    Perfect cell tread #2 wip because the prev tread of p cell was closed becuse of ........ , i m making a scond one for tweek , i v mange to do the botom part when the stomach connects the legs OK made back , torso al most done now , looks good , starting to finish back <object...
  8. Smith

    Perfect Cell

    I have just made a Perfect Cell skin from Cell2 from ESF. Im not trying to rip anything, this is my first attempt at skinning, tell me if you like it!
  9. DogLord

    Perfect Cell

    Hi's been a while...heres a perfect cell i made out of the original cell2 model from ESF.....probably not in high demand but i looked for a few days and never found'll be up for download in a few hours
  10. G

    @[email protected] ^^

    Hmm i've finished my new model, it's cell form one and it's still in work but pleaz gimme some critz to improve this thing ;) here you go
  11. [MOD]Vegito


    I think there should be a Sqall replacement skin for trunks
  12. S

    Modeling Request for boring ppl

    Hi all long time no see. i have a request for bered ppl. i like Gundam wings. especially with ESF. so who wants to make a model of a Gundam wings character? Already thnx for reading my threat:D
  13. B

    Perfect Cell

    Here see it and vote its good or bad?
  14. Es_Trunks2

    Bebi pack

    no this isnt just a bebi vegeta pack:] i'm going to add some other bebi's as well,AND I KNOW vegeta is the only one to become a Bebi(name) but i think it would be cool to have mroe bebi's :D anyway the bebi vegeta i'm putting in the pacdk is on my model edit's page,unlike the opther bebi...
  15. A

    Perfect cell

    Perfect cell (very very sorry ) Edited model from cell2 .mdl from esf Here is a pic and here is the model but the problem is he has no wings !!!
  16. M

    Need comments

    Hey going to remodel this guy. just wondering what i shoudl do on him hes a dragon from dbgt 2214 polies
  17. M

    WIP Perfect Cell

    Ey im skining an OLD perfect cell model of mine... aha no hed yet cos i haven skinned hed and its 1:36 am o_O :P
  18. Z

    wallpaper contest!!

    ok rules : Has to be 800x600 Can be related to anything Edit ur post if u want to change anything, or take a new wallpaper. contest ends this monday or sunday it has to be your OWN WORK ... i think thats it .. anyway , here is my entry: