1. Viper

    Wierd FPS drop lately in certain games...

    I have PES 2008 (pro evolution soccer) and it worked OK, but in the last week the fps is very low and the game lags. Then i noticed it in 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin, so i decided to get PES6 to test it. While before it ran very nice (70+ fps) not it's the same as the other. I have no idea what's...
  2. S


    Hey im new to ESF forums so im hoping i wont cross any boundaries. Anyway, here's my problem, when i play on certaint maps like riverside, Some texures and ki (for some screwy reason) are like black squares. I'm wondering if im missing any texures/.wads. I tryed uninstalling and re-installing...
  3. J-Dude

    Wierd Power Struggle Bug

    Hey, just thought I'd report something a bit freaky that hapenned in a server today. I had fired a full-power kamehameha at someone in the air on the esf_arrival map, and they blocked it. I don't know from my end, but I think he was crushed against the wall and killed. Next thing I knew, I...
  4. B

    wierd problem when i connect

    when i try to connect to a server a thing comes up saying.... You have been disconnected from the server. Reason: Error verifying STEAM userID Ticket ( server was unable to contact the authentication server) come on guys i wanna play!! :( :fight:
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Wierd Moon Last Night

    did anyone see the moon lastnight, it was really bright, and there was a red glow around it, but it was wierd cus after the bright glow, close to the moon, there was a dark area, then like another "ring" of glow around it
  6. A

    i have a wierd problem

    when i play in some servers, when i die i sometimes lose OR gain ki. why? explain. if you know how much ki i lose or gain?
  7. Suh Dude

    Wierd? *A friend problem*

    He just recently rebooted his computer, so there shouldn't be any wierd stuff on it. So anyways everytime he starts his computer, AIM pops out asking for a password, and steam can't connect. He trys to connect with steam first, but connection failed. Then he logged aim first, and then pressed...
  8. M

    Wierd thing ( can i do it?)

    ok i was playing around and i fired a frieza disk at a bot and that bot trowed it back at me ... how come? can i do that?
  9. Growler

    Wierd shadows

    Can someone help. whenever I cut from a model, these stupid shadows appear where I really dont want them. any tips?
  10. Suh Dude

    A really wierd questions..

    I had this question for like 6 weeks, and it has been not answered.. What if humans are computer programs.. Like everything is computerized, but we don't know that. What if we're a in a game called Sims or something? Another one If you think really hard, it might scare you (If you think...
  11. KilledWithStyle

    Woah really wierd problem

    I will ask here cause it just happened. Is there any reason why a dedicated server refuses to register on the steam server list? -------------------- I am on the server right now, so I know the server is running. The server is in a diffrent city, so it isn't a sv_lan problem. And it has...
  12. [SAS]Orion

    wierd drawing

    http://fcmx.net/vec/v.php?i=001787 Now this isn't in artwork because I didn't draw it, but its fun nonetheless. Watch it all the way through, and see the drawing change! lasts about 1-2mins.
  13. ZeroNightmare

    wierd error.

    uh, every once in a while when i try to join a game it will say "missing myssticgokussj4" or something like that and crash.
  14. battousai800


    umm...when some1 engages me in melee how come my screens just moves around like crazy...and when i engage some1 i only c them bing hit...iis it just my comp or sumthin?
  15. [SAS]Orion

    Wierd dvd drive problem

    When the computer is first starting up the DVD drive is not detected as the Primary Slave. But in trying to figure out what was going on I went into the BIOS setup and went down to check out the configuration for the Primary Slave. Upon entering the configuration menu the name of the Dvd-drive...
  16. TimTheEnchantor

    Wierd Divide

    I want to represent what life means to me. I for one, went down to the beach in the evening and saw four others of about my same age all watching this sunset. Conversing and having a great time, this was one of the coolest sunsets I have seen in a while. It's a little dark but I think it...
  17. imported_Lone_WolF

    Wierd turbo???

    I have notice that the turbo on esf is a little wierd.....it should be more one with the man/creature....dont like wierd stuff around you :no: .......but there is more....when you have transformd and you are Goku...you should have a "turbo aura around you to prove you have reached a higher...
  18. 0

    OMG!! this is Wierd!!

    Omg!! im realy sick of this fingy here is 2 questions: 1.Evrey Time i wanna staart playing ESF! on steam i login and choise play games it has ESf name there and when i press it it allways goes TO BROWSE GAMES!!!!!! And when i regrister a key it doesnt show ESf there?? i have steam and...
  19. Goten-son

    Um something wierd...

    im not sure if this is a hack or a bug but i was playing earlier on a beam only server (dont know how that happened) any way i saw some1 as vegeta and then all of a sudden HE USED DEATH BALL! he wasnt frieza but the deathball appeared right on his body to so it wasnt over his head or anything...
  20. M

    Wierd bug

    I shoot a beam in a guy, and I were holding the jump button.. and he blocked.. the beam got stuck to him O_o and if I turn ssj or walljumped the beam got of.. but then the beam just was still in the air.. and I could still see the power bar thing.. to get it of he have to kill...
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