1. Spunky

    Problem with Full Spectrum Warrior...

    Ok, when I launch FSW, I get this: No matter how many times I launch it. I've read the thing about the resolution.cfg file. I deleted that. It did nothing to fix the problem. So now I'm wondering if anybody else here has had this problem and if so, how they fixed it. Help is appreciated. :(...
  2. M

    300 Persian Warrior

  3. Valeska

    WoW Human Warrior.

    was bored and did some line-art. far from finished, far from perfect. not gonna finish it tho
  4. Alica_goku_ssj4

    final power the ultimatre warrior

    does anybody know anithing about this hl mod?
  5. Ishuzo Kaisen

    A warrior from my boredon W.I.P

    Kiba no senshi: C&C's are welcome (remember it's still a WIP)
  6. Gama


    I drew this pic of a warrior
  7. S

    Arcane - Skeleton Warrior

    Weighs in at 2300 polys a bit too much for whats there but I dnt have time to optimise it,, think I still need to edit the mesh somewhat its a bugging me. Taken 1 day to texture anyhow heres a quick link,,, theres lots to improve (I was a gimp with the ribs ignore them I'll sort them out O_O .
  8. Growler


    whipped this up in photoshop... hope you like
  9. K

    Warrior Withing PC or PS2 version?

    i was wondering if i should get the Warrior Within pc version or ps2 version? i learned my lesson with the spiderman 2 pc version lol sucked badly.
  10. OubliezJe

    Samurai: Way of the warrior C&C

    This is a research paper i wrote, coments and critz what needs changing ? Bushido, the Honor code for the Samurai class. The samurai were not mercenary warriors, roaming Japan and fighting for whatever warlord would pay them the most. They were bound to a specific lord, or daimyo, and...
  11. Phobius

    Prince of Persia Warrior Within (discussion & Spoilers)

    Well I've been playing PoP2 WW for about 5 days now and all I have too say is WOW this game is freakin sweet. I would still like too know about this rumour of having no puzzles because the game I'm playing has tons of them. I'm a little pissed off they didn't keep the cinema cutscenes like...
  12. M

    Any one wanna fight a legendary warrior

    if so bring it on who ever decides to fight me gets the first turn ill begin the second part
  13. Tassadar

    Full Spectrum Warrior

    I believe this game has been out on XBox for a while. The PC version is set to be released soon, you can grab the Single Player demo at www.fileplanet.com. I personally think the game is AMAZING. This is actually used in U.S. military training. It's very realistic, a new type of game, takes...
  14. B

    Not A Warrior Girl (damn u taco)

    hah, im still working on sensitive girl... i was just bored to death during math and drew this.. then digitaly inked it at home ps: its ok to ink it, show it in the thread hsu made... but dont show it somewhere else without giving credits and dont say that you made it
  15. TimTheEnchantor

    Garden Warrior Transformation

  16. P

    Some drawings

    Allright. Ive posted these earlier but before any ppl got to look at them all these posts came in. Now dont be mad if youve seen them already i just want some other ppl to look at em just copy and paste the links and tell me what you think http://preddie46.tripod.com/cgi-bin/Warrior.JPG...
  17. P

    Heres some of my new drawings ppl!!!

    Allright. Ive drawn some new ones. Im not particurarily proud of any of these since theyre enormously disproportional but you might still like to look at them. Heres the links. Copy and paste em ps: sorry theyre so huge again http://preddie46.tripod.com/cgi-bin/Warrior.JPG...
  18. S


    Something I drew and I wanted to show :) crits and comments?
  19. SA_Gohan

    New Warrior

    Hello all. I've finished a new model for Shogo, the bow warrior. He's almost done. I still need to correct some stuff with the biceps, and give him some more muscle. http://sa_gohan.tripod.com/bow_wariror.txt Please give me some helpful criticism on what I can do to improve it, especially...
  20. J

    My model for my mod, Shogo

    Ok, this is the first player model I have ever made, And its still not done, I was want to show you it right now on what I have so far: Screen Shot (In my Dev Journall) Comments? Thankie ^_^