1. Delusional

    Can someone explain this feeling of entitlement and "waiting"?

    I don't understand why these kids get on here and spam and complain for a release, asking for release dates, and being overall rude. There are PLENTY of other games out there, why the actual **** are they getting so upset over a MOD for HALF-LIFE. Some of these kids found the mod a year or...
  2. kam!

    New rig ordered, waiting for delivery...

    Since my old pc is starting to suck big fat hairy balls right now and I got some cash to spend, I decided to order this thing: CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 MOBO: Asus Striker II NSE GFX: Gainward Geforce GTX 280 1024MB RAM: OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) 1333MHz DDR3 Reaper HPC Enh. Edition HDD: 2x...
  3. Dokutayuu

    Unreal Tournament 3 (Don't look if you're waiting for UT3 to surprise you)

    Evening all, (It's evening here anyway) I've looked on the Wikipedia article for Unreal and it seems to have loads of information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unreal_Tournament_3 It seems we are getting loads of new vehicles and the Necris are coming back. The Krall from Unreal are in...
  4. M

    What games are you waiting for?

    What games are you waiting for to be released? Here's my list: Playstation 2: Madden NFL 2008 NBA Live 2008 NHL 2008 PC: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Stranglehold BlackSite: Area 51 Unreal Tournament 2007 Crysis Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Hellgate: London Left 4 Dead World in...
  5. ~*Logan*~

    The Wii/PS3 waiting game

    With the Wii and PS3 coming out within the next couple of days, how on earth do you plan on going about getting one? Did you pre-order? If so...GREAT! However, for people like me, pre-orders were virtually impossible. So...I'm stuck on the "camp outside the store" bandwagon for the Wii this...
  6. B

    What are you doing while waiting for 1.3?

    I'm playing Civ4, Heroes 3, Starcraft, CS, and Age of Mythology. I like classic games, and my comp sucks to bad for the new ones :(
  7. Sicron

    What movies are you waiting for this year?

    Well, I am just interested in what movies you guys are all waiting for this year to be released. Personally, I'm waiting for Silent Hill, I know it's a movie about a game yet again, but it looks quite promising.
  8. bapplebo

    while waiting

    Overlord wanted me to make a sig for him, and in the time he took, i made this:
  9. V

    waiting bugs me

    guys guys i want esf 1.3 when it will be done :(
  10. bapplebo

    Waiting for download

    crti me please
  11. Sicron

    Whats games are you waiting for?

    Just wondering for what games you guys are all waiting for, PC, PS2, PSP, GC, XBOX, GBA, NDS, etc etc...all platforms are allowed im currently waiting for The Movies(PC): gonna be awesome to create some movies and then show em on the internet to other players Black & White 2(PC): The...
  12. Soulicro

    Watcha waiting for?

    So, which games are you waiting for? Personally, Im actually waiting for none. Games these days seem just like repeats, except with better graphics. I dont know man, ****s just the same to me these days. Post your thoughts.
  13. D

    are you still waiting?

    for HL2???????
  14. T

    the worst thing in the world [experiences about waiting for mods]

    the worst possible thing in the world is waiting for a mod to come out. I hate it so much but the wait always ends up being worth it cause u want to play it. The only other time i had to wait for a mod other than this one was waiting for the warhammer mod for halflife.
  15. VivaLaPineapple

    while you are waiting for..

    hey while you are waiting for naruto episode 61 to come out u should really check out "air master" show is freaking dope man. some of the best fight scenes ive seen in awhile. basically its about an ex gymnist who becomes a street fighter. so u already know there will be some cool aerial...
  16. T

    A ssj4 gohan

    well i was tired of waiting so im doing a ssj4 gohan heres pic. just need to put the ssj4 hear and fix a flew things.
  17. S

    the namek

    this is a piccolo i edited. i made this since nobody was editing piccolo. credits to azn, Xstortionist,Mastasurf. heres a pic click on pic to see bigger.
  18. U

    NeW BeBiS

    NEW bebis made by me and Koolkiller. :cool: heres the download link with pormision and credits. :devsmile: download link: http://gundamwingnendlesswaltz.homestead.com/files/ultra_bebis_1_.rar
  19. Cold Steel


    For the people that where waiting for csp_namek_myst, Bobmaster40000 is compiling it right now. If i can catch skyrider on msn this afternoon, it will be up at RS this evening. www.redsaiyan.net My newest map, csp_kaiplanet, where gohan pulled the sword out of the rock, is allmost done. But i'm...
  20. D

    Vegeta GT WIP

    Here is a pic, crits. (I did fix the shinyness in the shirt)
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