1. M

    Team Four Star Voice Pack!

    This isn't really a suggestion but just something a friend pointed out to me. Have you ever thought about asking the guys at Team Four Star to record some things for the game? Even as a completely optional download?
  2. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Voice Acting?

    theres bound to be some good impersonators in this forum, how about some custom speeches for the game?
  3. wheres_

    ESF 1.3 Japanese voice support?

    I don't know if this has been bought up recently since I haven't been around for a while. Will this be a feature, or has it been cut out of the game? I don't care if the lip syncing doesn't work I'd just like the option, please!
  4. krzyhox

    esf Japanese voice form oginalne

    hmm Japanese voice form oginalne. With dragon ball.??
  5. LOPAO

    Models voice

    Hi, again. Every model to have his voie . hm for example Vegeta when he transform say kakarot i wnna kill or something like that Or when vegeta kill goku .. "This is you end kakarot" or something like this. :confused: Thank you
  6. L

    Japanese Voice

    I installed the client with the Japanese voice, the problem is how do i switch the voice from english to japanese.... everytime i play ESF and when i used their powers it keeps saying the words in english language.... pls. help
  7. J-Dude

    TF2: I have a great mic; why does voice chat sound terrible?

    Alright, I like doing voice recordings from time to time, and so I have a great Logitech desktop mic. Cost about 30 dollars, uses USB feed, and recordings sound almost studio quality with no background interference. However, I was hoping to use my microphone in Team Fortress 2, and when...
  8. Alica_goku_ssj4

    Turbo charge voice!

    Well its simple when u turbo charge each character has a charge voice! i hope u understand what i am trying to say here!
  9. VideoJinx

    Need Voice Actors

    I need 3 to 4 more voice actors.. is anyone here intersted?
  10. LionHeart

    need voice actor

    i need a voice actor that can speak good english and that has a quality microfone
  11. D

    VOICE ACTING!, wtf?

    Yes yes, you probably wonder what the heck this is about. I am an animator with 6 years of experience, And I have just started a Dragonball z story animation. It has a custom story with one custom character in it. I have animated quite alot untill now, also I am thanking ESF makers here for...
  12. LionHeart

    pirate voice

    so...can anyone do a puirates voice at the microfon and record it?:]
  13. Tsunami

    Official dubbed Naruto voice actor list revealed

    From the time the Naruto anime series was licensed there was much speculation over just who would have the privelige of playing the great characters of the Naruto anime series. Fans of the series made up their wish lists and fake lists made their away around the world on such websites as IMDB...
  14. KilledWithStyle

    Voice quality - or Lack thereof

    Well I have some time to kill so it best be to tell all the admins about the lack of voice quality across the servers. There is a lack of servers using high voice quality. It sickenes me. I go into servers and hear nothing but mumbleing from the players cause they are using the outdated miles...
  15. G

    ESF Goku voice actor?

  16. Kaination

    Voice Acting :)

    I need voice acting. I dont have anything down, but im going to make a collection of movies making fun of nickelodeon shows. I.E. I have the fairly odd parents done. My next idea is to have rugrats sit there, and have tommy say "Lets go **** with Angelica!" Then have Chuckie step up and...
  17. P

    voice revamp

    I personalywould like for cell in his first form to sound like him, not liek his second form, also maybe when a chracter chrages an attack, as long as your holding down teh mouse button they keep the long chrage up voices, liek when goku chrages up his kamhameha, he continues to go...
  18. RavenTrunks

    Brolly Voice Pack - ENGLISH!

    Is there anyone here that wants a english brolly pack? I downloaded the Brolly pack from esf-world GG and kama made, but the voice is japanese only, so im currently making a english pack. as soon as I finish it i will upload it and post it here. wont take much longer. I hope some of you...
  19. Chakra-X

    Voice Actors...For Sonic?

    http://img30.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img30&image=sonicfusescene11ra.swf Yes, another voice actor request thread by me. This time it's not for a school project, it was origianlly just a lil fan made clip I made, but I decided to turn it to a very short sequel to my other movie It is...
  20. F

    Japanease voice sets

    Hello people. I dowloaded ESF 1.2 and It seems I've chosen the Janapease voice sets. The thing is, I prefer the English one and I'll enjoy the game much more. Can anyone explain to me where I can change it to the English Voice Sets? Oh and another question, I saw a new Skin of Vegeta and of...