1. M

    this 1 for esf

    im makin a goku model for fun, so ima release it for esf only few bits left. should finish it by the end of today.
  2. M

    scaling a existig model?

    I'm a Milkshape N00b and try to scale a model from ESF... So, i tried first die Scale-line in the qc file.... but the figure is stuck in the ground then.... Then, I tried to scale the Reference Scene from the model... but the model only was sqashed together! So i try to scale the anmation *.smd...
  3. E

    new map on the way - hen_unforgiven

    my newest map is near completion. i've just got to test it a bit more and get sum good pics. then i will try and put it on rs, like my last 1 then. but anyways brief desription: its generally a gloomy map (hence title so don't complain to me). there's a half-ruined sorta building thing...
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    a simple wallpaper

    comments and crits plz
  5. Fenumeher

    list of tutorials

    just to help, here is a list of some sites with tutorials for photoshop and some others! Adobe Photoshop -
  6. Marauder


    after suffering amass attack of a rebel laser beemthe mother ship became INFECTED with desises of all kinds ,deadly to all creatures,soon after that... the mothership has fallen ^_^ something i wiped up for my next piece :D check it out here:
  7. -=[EEF]=-Ghost

    Bojacks Trunks!

    ummm i downloaded the Bojacks trunks from this site here and i downloaded the Bojacks Trunks but.. both of the mdl files or models in other words are ssj bojack trunks:S and i dont have the non ssj bojack trunks with the purple hair can someone please help me get...


    Tell me please a site where I can upload pics free and without login.
  9. JDeezNutz

    changing view

    does this mean while you are psing, you can change the view?
  10. Mr.Bugskin

    Gundam Model?

    what is this gundam model that God Gundam posted? and i can't see the pics
  11. Emeka650

    M.O.D. Gohan skin

    Gotenks is bieng reskinned and gohan is almost done only chest skin is left. and here is a wip of trunks
  12. Baaja


    ok i am an n00b on mapping. i use gensurf and worldcraft. and when i compile a map with zhlt it gets messy. the whole map is black exept the sky texture. One more thing i need to learn how to compile better
  13. God Gundam

    ghp ssj3 goku wip

    here is ghp ssj 3 goku, comments crits would be nice
  14. Warrior_Elite45

    No Camera In Worldcraft?!

    When I make an object in worldcraft nothing ever shows up in my camera box/area. Can anyone please explain why?
  15. M


    hey i am a big fan of DBZ and this mod but i am wondering if there are any completed Evangelion mods around or at least some skins or models cause i am too damn lazy and stupid to make my own lol.:laff: :laff: :laff:
  16. freeportpretz22

    BomberMan - Model

    [img]] I hope you can see that, I made it, needs bones, animations, sprites, skinned, and that stuff.
  17. SSJ4_Cell

    My First Ever Skin (SSJ Vegeta)!

    Hi, click here to view my skin, credits: ESF Team. Remember this is my first skin ever!
  18. shadow16

    Viewing Models in ESF

    This is a mixed of ESF-Chat and Modelling -I just wanted to know how do u record vids and make them into gifs like the ones like pr3 made in his sig. The command is like -record demo "name of demo" -stop demo..what ever... - but when i stop says demo completed and says...
  19. L

    how do i open a mdl

    :cry: how do i open a mdl or unzip it where it shows the mdl head mdl body
  20. Wangster

    a question.

    i am a starting modeler, and i would like to ask how to make my shape 3D, i use milkshape, when i import a background in the front view and make the verts and faces, then i have this flat thing, so my question is, if i make the other sides with verts en faces, will the head be 3D??