1. Chakra-X

    1990s Channel 4 Pay Per View

    Any Americans here remember when you had to change the channel to channel 04 or 03 to play a video game? Well channel 04 always had trailers for movies coming to Pay-Per-View and had background music play with a scrolling "Pay Per View" text in the background. I am reaaaaally trying to find a...
  2. A

    In ESF:ECX RC2 online, i see my third person view from the right of my character.

    usually it should be the back, correct? so how do i fix this. (it obly happens online)
  3. LionHeart

    Whats your view on drugs?

    Some people may consider marijuana to be okay because it's effects aren't as powerfull as the other drugs but others consider it the worst because it's supposed to be a gateway drugs to other/more drugs. Or have you ever taken them before? and if so would you do it again and are you still...
  4. Suh Dude

    360 view of Mars Wow thats cool =0
  5. VideoJinx

    ESF 1.3 Default View Suggestions

    Here is a default config that i think would be pretty cool. Mouse Sensitivity: 6 Type these 4 commands in console: Cam_zoffset 0 Cam_idealdist 100 Cam_yoffset 5 Cam_xoffset 10 With this view the character will move around on the screen as you turn the mouse. If anyone has any...
  6. sub

    Changing the default camera view

    I would like to suggest that for 1.3, the default camera view is that of when you max out the zoom ingame [holding k down 'till it stops]. The vast majority of pro's have the camera set like this and it's just a disadvantage to new players that don't know about it. you can have an option to...
  7. Cold Steel

    *spoilers* Helsing manga. Do not view if you do not read the manga !!

    I just blasted through the manga and I was slapped by the obviousness. If you reverse Alucard, you get Dracula. It was stated in one of the last chapters, and I never even saw it once myself.
  8. Delusional

    Camera View?

    Is there a way to make the default camera view zoomed all the way out...i like playing like that but hate that it keeps resetting..
  9. Cold Steel

    Don't view this thread.

    Couldn't resist now could you. Anyhooter. I've been trying to make a nice Berserk signature but I really suck bollocks at the photoshop department, so as everyone else lately does, I'm making a request. Size: H 100 x W 400 I'd like Guts in it with shocking amounts of blood. Your name...
  10. Skyrider

    First Person View Suggestion

    Before you are going to reply "There is already a First Person View with the nice shiny F4 button". I'm afraid this idea is more differently. Everyone knows that there is a First Person View in ESF, but it is not 100%. What do i mean with that? If you go in advance melee for example, it...
  11. .Maze

    Something to View the WRL Files ?

    Hi. Like the TopicTitle says. Is there something to view the wrl files ? I checked the stickie but i dont really understand it. could anyone point it out for me ?
  12. Growler

    Sleepy CT taking in the view

  13. D

    view problems in melee...?

    whenever i get into a melee with another character the screen goes to a random place and starts spinning... i can never see myself, and the screen seems to pan in and out of the map as well... how can i fix this?
  14. Amitron

    Can't view the forums(on other computer) - help.

    Yeah ever since that new forum server started I haven't been able to view the forums on the computer at my moms house. Maybe the problem is completely unrelated to the new server, but thats about the time it stopped letting me in. I thought it might have been a big problem that many were...
  15. I

    Anyone know where i can view some MegaMan X Cartoons?

    I havent ben able to find any for quite some time, my friend nick said he has alot.
  16. C

    Way to change view to 1st person?

    I just downloaded this game the other day, and im still figuring things out. Im just wondering whether you can change the camera view to 1st person. I actually find it hard to see the crosshair when turbo is on, this makes aiming very difficult.
  17. PiXel

    model view.....

    well.... sry if i post it in the wrong thread but...... befor long time (i think 1-2 years ago ) there was a thread about very useful model view.... ingame... that i can see the model in game in the front or in the left,right anywhere! from above! IN this section !! i gonna have to make it in...
  18. S

    Question about spectator view

    Is that SDK 2.3 Spectator mode going to be in the next release or is it already useable?
  19. Yui Sakura

    Mech Design - Back view

    Well this is my design for the mech i did a few days ago. Its just some concept art for mechmod ( Hope u like it.
  20. C

    Zoomed out view

    Hi everyone. It seems I have a problem :rolleyes: I pressed the button I thought was the bot-command key, but instead (accidentally) pressed the button to the left of it. I've got a German keyboard so it won't really help you to tell you which key exactly, but I can tell you it's the third...