1. I

    AF Pack v1.0

    Ok, looking accross the internet I have commpiled a pack for ESF ECX incuding AF characters and GT characters. This is version 1.0, so i might be keep updating the file. Enjoy! Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VBDD1SX5 This pack includes the following characters: Baby Vegeta...
  2. Deathshot

    ESF Addons Topic v1.0

    (Released)Evolution Class Extensions ECX is an addon made for ESF 1.2.3 that is now dead. The addon has made it so you can create your own character easily with tutorials and such. Though it requires you to make the models, sounds, sprites, and such, it teaches you the simple methods of coding...
  3. sub

    Gary's Mod V10 to be sold over steam

    So apparently Gary's Mod V10 will be sold over steam. He's making a new site for the mod [er... game] if any of you want to check it out: http://www.garrysmod.com/ I don't know how to feel about paying for something that used to be free. I would personally like it if GMod came with Ep2 or 3...
  4. SaiyanPrideXIX

    ESF Forum: Visual Personnel Database v1.0

    Some of you may see my other pictures thread above or below somewhere. In it, people can post pictures and talk relatively freely about whatever is in them. THIS thread is just the opposite: the idea is to have a thread that is basically just a list of everyone on the forum with a photo of them...
  5. Enforcer ICE

    black suited Vegeta (namek saga) Request ...but i need it for v1.0, not v1.1...

    Delete this post delete this too, i cant, i get this error Fatal error: Call to undefined function: delete_thread() in /home/esf/public_html/forum/editpost.php on line 727
  6. S

    New Deathball v1.0

    Ok heres my latest sprite if u havent notice most of my sprites are like budokai 2 because i got inspired to do them and its hard to see but there is lighting around the deathball its also animated. P.S. later ill post the d/l link first i have to eat, watch SWAT, and then upload it to my site.
  7. SaiyanPrideXIX

    SaiyanPrideXIX's New Gallit Gun Aura v1.0

    Well, I've been using this since Beta 1, but I guess now's the time to share it with everyone. Anyone who wants to use this, just right click, save as, and extract this to your ESF/Sprites folder. It overwrites the old one, so back it up first. Enjoy...
  8. samurai^Kurai

    Cell Shading Addon v1.0 release

    if someone is interested Cell Shading Addon v1.0 is released if someone wants to download it go to www.gruppe-z.tk
  9. J

    Bots v1.0 (i suppose)

    I thought the new version of the bot should already have been released? Blade? how's the progress?