1. KarrdeKNR

    Laptop Sound Driver Updating?

    So yeah. Got anything? -Karrde-
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    Updating Half Life solves most problems.

    Having annoying problems with ESF that seem not to have a solution? Well, the solution is probably updating half life. Without Half Life Esf 1.2 will not work, and neither will EVM. So, update half life and you will solve your problems. I tried it out for myself and it's 1000% guaranteed.
  3. S

    Server crashing since updating

    I did an upgrade this morning taking my linux server from version 21 to 23. Now my server crashes upon startup. Console initialized. scandir failed:/home/sk/hlds_l/./valve/SAVE scandir failed:/home/sk/hlds_l/./platform/SAVE Protocol version 47 Exe version (valve) Exe...
  4. S

    Updating and steam

    Well, the problem is: I need to update my half life patch, but is already the current version, and my steam doesn't work, because I've read the esf manual, and there is writed that I have to go to games, wich I founded in Servers and before that I have'd to startup half life first, wich i'd did...
  5. D

    Updating.. No update available? wtf?

    Well, I haven't played ESF in a while and forgot all about it (-_-') . Well, I saw some news on Half-Life 2 Files and decided to install HL to get back into ESF. Well, lucky me I registerd HL to another account and can't remember what it is. So I'm gonna get a new CD-Key but until then I wanted...
  6. V

    Won't let me play After fully updating ESF

    I haven't played for a while. and now that i finally wantt o again. i fully update the game. and try to get into a server. and right when its about to let me in it says "Cannot continue without script events/meleesounds.sc, disconnecting. What does that mean and how can i fix it? how can the...
  7. S

    Problem updating esf

    I have been able to play a LAN Game. BUT when I try to connect to an "Internet Game" it says "Earths Speacial forces's EXacutable is Out-of_date, ESF will now download the latest"....... Then it just brings up the Half-Life udater... which says HL is and is up to date... I have ESF V...
  8. Synth

    Updating Drivers.

    Hello Esf, Im currently having a problem running open gl. vid card: 8mb Nvidia TNT2 I used to be able to run it on open gl but now it just crashes. i was wondering if someone could please show me how to update my drivers?
  9. G

    Red Saiyen updating?

    Is the redsayien webpage going to be up soon? I want to add some sw33t sprites to esf.
  10. E

    Steam updating service

    I use the official half life updating program "steam" and when i tried to install esf, it wouldn't work... if anyone can install it, and have it work... plz tell me how you did it.
  11. Jaredster

    Updating Question.

    I am planning on upgrading my MOBO for my Dell 8250 and have a few questions. 1. Ok, I have NEVER done this before, so from what I can see the you remove the processor somehow from your current MOBO and stick it in the new one? Will it be compatable? Does it matter if the mobo is a 800...
  12. U

    wats with redsaiyan.net

    wat happened to redsaiyan.net it just wont work again :cry:
  13. N

    Updating my video drivers

    Ok i want to update my radeon 7500 64mb graphics card but i dont know if i trust it cuz it says to end task all programs and unistall ur regular drivers and install the new ones is this safe? should i truat the ati company? :::::EDIT::::: Nevermind I updated my drivers so its ok now
  14. X

    updating problems

    I Cannot seem to figure out this one. every time i try to start esf it says "this version is old and needs updating" or something to that extent. but when I try to update it it says: "your connection to the internet is invalid. please check your...
  15. S

    3dsm 5 problem

    very confused, i have it registered and stuff, and i click on it and it starts initializing and loading plugins and then suddenly it just closes, no error message or anything, i'm using windows 98 pentium 3 733mhz if anyone has any idea whats wrong here please reply
  16. Vengaurd

    ESF File Hosting

    seeing as how red saiyan isnt updating his site anymore(hes too buisy) i would like to voluntier my small site as a place for you to upload your files and promote them on these forums mysite
  17. Bryggz

    MY SSJ3 GOKU MODEL HAS BEEN SUBMITTED!!!(that means release very soon! read!)

    hey guys i released my ssj3 goku model to redsaiyan.net. i requested that they host it, so keep your eyes peeled! i made the hair a tad longer than the last pic u guys saw, any more and the poly count would have been a lil overwhelming, i also scaled the muscles on the arms down a tad and made...
  18. W

    Executable is out of date, updating now ERROR

    I'm wondering why I get this when I try and connect to an ESF server. It worked fine last night and this morning, but then all of a sudden, it keeps giving me this message. I haven't done anything to any files, with the exception of putting the esf-bot.dll and stuff. Do I need the CD to play...
  19. Hsu

    New flash work

    Here is new work that I am doing in flash. Still needs a lot of work to be finished. The hair also it not complete.
  20. H

    new maps where ?

    hi all does anyone know a web site that has lots of new maps ?
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