1. SG_SSJ!

    Week update?

    Come on guys today is Sunday the update day, why isn't any update uploaded?
  2. R

    Update open beta?

    As a topic says. Update it a lil bit with adding some new features that you made. So it would a little preset for players, and a stop to complains. ;)
  3. Cold Steel

    Update: Punching dinsosaurs in the face.

    Creature AI is awesome. discuss.
  4. Skyrider

    Natural Selection II : Friday update - Lerk reveal

    Source: http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns2/news/2010/2/friday_update_lerk_reveal Check the news link for the whole story as it's quite big. <object width="580" height="360"><param name="movie"...
  5. G

    Why is DBA even still on moddb, at spot 12 no less?

    It's been 3 years since an update. I don't get how they still stay up on the chart.
  6. Damaera

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Buu Renders

    Almost put 09.. damn, not used to it being the new year yet T_T
  7. Dalte89

    XMAS - Update

    Hey, whats up guys, this is Dalte89 the Particle FX Designer for ESF 1.3. Damnnnn do we got a big juicy update for you guys. I know all of you have been tired of the constant teasing and the pictures of the goods so I put together a nice beefy, tender, suculent, sexy, amazing, epic, superior...
  8. W

    for next update

    hey esf team i would like to ask you if you could show us all characters att and trans plz me and my friends i and many others would like to admire to your work plz. thx especially trunks
  9. Grega

    Animation Sampler & Namek Islands Update

    ESF Proudly presents There are 35+ player models in ESF. Each model requires 200+ animations to bring the character to life. 35 x 200 = ... I'll let you do the math. Needless to say, Darktooth has single handedly made sure that all of the characters in ESF recieve the proper love and attention...
  10. Jarrstin

    I'm loving the Graphics update, but...

    How is performance at the moment with the updated shaders? HL1 never looked so good, so I'm curious as to how you're doing it. What kind of systems are you running to get the graphics to that level at a consistent frame rate?
  11. Nemix

    Skiwan, maybe update this :P

    hey skiwan wanna update this :P? http://skiwan.esforces.net/images/design/esf-splash2.jpg with the new frieza model and please remove the 1.3 text just leave it ESF and earth's special forces it just awesome and i love it :D please do it :P i want it so badly as a wallpaper ^^
  12. JDeezNutz

    new esf update

    Hey people, Just seen the update.. who do you think the mystery character is? after some though.. to me the character looks like.. 'Bojack Trunks'.. what do you think?
  13. D

    My Life Update (from an old esf staff member)

    Hello everyone! It's been such a long time since I've visited the site and I still can't believe this mod is going strong. I use to be apart of the team back in the day....probably a good 6-7 years ago. The mod has really improved since I've last seen it and I just can't believe how much of a...
  14. hleV

    Early Update

    Though the last update was a late one, maybe the next one could be an early one? LOL :laff:. Just a suggestion.
  15. K

    Update LINKS Dosen't Work!!!

    Hi all ppl! Im new here and i missed all updates and i want to update my game but the update links dont work....PLZ HELP ME!!!:cry::cry::cry::cry:
  16. ciarkol

    Team Fortress 2 :: Sniper Update

    Check this out : Day 1 :: http://www.teamfortress.com/sniperupdate/
  17. Skyrider

    Forum Update & Template Changes

    In the evening to the afternoon, (March, 11 - +1 GMT) I will be updating the forums to 3.8.1. In this time, I'll shut down the forums just to be sure that things won't go wrong. I'll also will revert every single customized templates (of the ESF Theme) back to its default state. This will break...
  18. Skyrider

    Team Fortress 2 :: Scout Update today!

    Check: http://www.teamfortress.com/scoutupdate/ For all the new weapons & maps being added within the scout update. Which is: 1), The Sandman 2), Energy Drink 3), Force-a-Nature The update will be later on tonight (my time), which is pretty sucky :p.
  19. -Blaze-

    Blue screen after automatic update

    So anyways, i was updating my pc and the electricity disappeared in the process. Now i get blue screens all the time. I tried accessing pc in SafeMode, but it makes pc restart aswell. "Last known good settings" doesn't seem to work either...
  20. Skyrider

    Team Fortress 2 :: Small Update Released!

    Source: http://teamfortress.com/ Loving the spy and engineer update soonish! :D