1. K

    Unreal Tournment DBZ mods??

    I didnt look around much but is there any DBZ mods for Unreal Tournment? I wondered this for a while or is there one being made? If there is please tell me the link.
  2. Nuttzy

    Unreal Tournament Modelling?

    well, im talking about the original one, not UT2k, i used to work for an old UT dbz mod, but they got shut down, (i was a puny beta tester, i had no knowledge of anything but playing games at that point) but anyone know any places or does anyone here know how to get models ingame for that...
  3. ssj4Gogeta

    unreal tournament 2003 DBZ mod

    please PLEASE does anyone know the link for the unreal 2k3 dbz mod??!!! i would be most grateful if someone could provide me with one!!! :warning: :warning: :warning:
  4. ssj4Gogeta

    Unreal tournament 2003 DBZ mod

    Can someone PLEASE give me the link to the unreal tournament 2003 DBZ mod site. ive definitely seen it around and it's so frustrating because it looks awesome!!! if anyone knows post a reply! thx :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff:
  5. DoomSodan

    Unreal bots

    Woha, the new bots are way better as the last version of kibot. i played a while with goku vs vegeta. now, i notice that the bot has won every time when attack him in melee. He beaten me up 5 of 4 times and i was a ssj and he was normal. i wonder cause i think in 1.1, the char with the most...
  6. M

    ESF on UT2003 / Unreal 2 engine

    What do you guys think ESF would look like or be like if it used an advanced engine? heh By the way, im not a noob at these boards been browsing around for 3 months but had nothing to say till now Also When is 1.1 comming out? I check the site everyday also you *******s those stress pics at...
  7. AscendantSaiyan

    Goku Unreal?

    Tonite i was confronted by a fighter (that will remain nameless) in ESF and i beat him in a friendly melee battle. He say tell me when u have a real character. Anyways in not flamming him im just wondering does everyone think goku is the n00b character just because he can quite often be...
  8. G

    UNreal 2003 Coder .

    Hello everyone .. I have alredy been looking over 10 forums , lol .. And Me and Ganjaman are running a mod .. I started it and he joined .. Now , we have Raditz DOne (Credit's to SSJ3Goku from DBU) , and we have it almost animated and everything .. Only thing left to get it ingame is a...
  9. solidus

    Awesome Model

    Awesome Model *Gotenks* i was looking over at another forum a while back and i found this picture, and i was wondering if anyone knows what mod this model is for, or if it was ever released? i would post this where i found it, but i cant remember where it was...
  10. IceFire2050

    Is there a dbz mod for Unreal Tournament?

    Is there a dbz mod for Unreal Tournament if there is can u tell me the website for it?
  11. C

    Kenshin,finished version

    Hey guys,i've finally finisehd Kenshin,i've totlaly changed the face! here are some pics i'm waiting for your comments ;) here is a smooth one : http://www.geocities.com/cedelling/kensmooth.jpg Flat shaded version : http://www.geocities.com/cedelling/kenshinhead5.jpg...
  12. gandalf

    esf in unreal

    Isn't there going to be a game based on dbz for unreal tournament 2003? I hope there is, because in half-life you can't show high resolution. half-life isn't the perfect mod for a game that deserves better graphics!!
  13. L

    Unreal 2003

    does anyone have the full version of unreal 2k3? if so does anyone want to play tonight on a server. i've been playing with others but i much rather play with people i actually talk to. If anyone has it post here and maybe we can set up a game later today.
  14. H

    Unreal 2003

  15. D

    All skins

    I think, all the models for ESF are the maximum. (hl engine) But the face-skins look a bit unreal, not this :] smiling for vegeta. Or this angry face (piccolo). Yeah, nobody sees your face in game but then it would be perfectly. *spam your comments or delete this fool thread.
  16. G

    Making a Unreal Tournament Clan

    Hey guys make a unreal tournament clan if ur intrested email me at shougo_battousai@yahoo.com^_^O_~p.s. u must be good..o yea the clan is gonna be called RiCeClan- RiCe-Clan
  17. S

    Opening Postion coding for Rebith of fusion for unreal tournament

    If you code you also get to be a beta tester how good of a deal is that