1. P

    Underwater Sound

    Changing the sound effects when the character is underwater would make game much more realistic.
  2. Arsenovicius


    What you think ?
  3. donnierisk

    underwater and skybox.

    I've got 2 bugs to report, here they are: The first one was also in 1.2 but NOT in 1.1, when playing a map with water and you swim until the bottom where you get close to the ground underwater it just makes you fall as if there isn't any water there, I don't know the cause of the problem, all I...
  4. Ravendust

    No Water Underwater (map glitch)

    There's a few units space between the water and the ground brush underneath it in the esf_gero map, you can run around normally under the water when you touch the bottom, and there's obviously no air restrictions. Underwater... But on the seabed...
  5. Shuyin

    Breathing Underwater

    I know this has been posted before but i wondered if it was ever going to be included in a release. Currently all characters when underwater eventually choke and begin to lose health underwater. Now i don't think this should happen to characters such as Frieza, Cell, or Buu. Since Frieza...
  6. E

    Underwater Lizard

    I made this underwater lizard + background scene for a challenge at simplymaya.com . Took me three days for the lizard and two days for the background. Everything done in maya 4.5. P.S.: I made the model 7 months ago but never posted it here before.
  7. S

    Mario Bros!

    Here's something I made the other day... And yes, I know Mario could have never jumped on those Goomba's, and not busted the bricks, lol.
  8. Neon

    underwater map...

    hi, i made a map underwater :D its ez to do i know, but anyway how do i save it as a bsp file, so i can go ingame and get some screen shots? thx
  9. G

    Map : nearly done

    Okay i completely dropped my other map cause there was no way i would get it running at some playable speeds .. so i made a new one , still have to make some changes .. http://users.pandora.be/Goes/map
  10. A


    When underwater in the namek level I noticed it really distorts oddly and it gets really annoying
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