1. Deman

    Underground Hip Hop.

    So this is one area I'll probably end up being mostly alone in, but how many of you listen to underground Hip Hop? I'm talkin people like Atmosphere(earlier on), Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, Del The Funky Homosapien, and Brother Ali. It explores a much broader topic range than Assembly Line Rap...
  2. VideoJinx

    Underground Bases

    Alright, here is an actual testimony for the actual existance of underground bases. <embed src="http://www.veoh.com/veohplayer.swf?permalinkId=v6558155B6D4wYCW&id=anonymous&player=videodetailsembedded&videoAutoPlay=0" allowFullScreen="true" width="410" height="341" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"...
  3. dan_esf_fanatic

    Never follow unknown people underground.

    OK, so ever since last summer my friends and I love to go to these so-called 'catacombs' that are near my city. Underground tunnels, if you will. We've gotten very deep and very far last summer, and it was amazing. All that adrenaline in your blood and that feeling of relief you get when you get...
  4. Alteh

    London Underground? explosions

    http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/europe/07/07/london.tube/index.html What do you think happened?
  5. L

    Need For Speed Underground 2 Question

    I just got the xbox version of the game and can't wait to play online. however i must finish the career mode to get a good enough car. now the million dollar question. i'm only just started and can't beat a certain race, i have $5,000 to upgrade parts but i don't want to use any of th emoney...
  6. Smeg

    Need For Speed Underground II

    Hey guys, is the game any good? I just wanted to hear from someone that has it if is worth getting. I have heard from some people that its good and others that is not so good. Has anyone got the game? is it worth getting?
  7. C

    Gamers Corner///Need for Speed Underground

    Need for speed underground is a great game. You can get the crappiest car and turn it into the "pimp mobile". Need for speed is a greatly customizable game. You can do anything from changing the paint job on your ride to getting a louder muffler. This game is all about how good your car looks...
  8. X

    Need for Speed: Underground

    How many people own this game? I got it like last week. So far im half way through the "Underground" mode but I like this game so far. I like the music, and the diffrent variety of modes and whatnot, the only flaw in this game that I can think of are the tracks, its basically got like 4-5...
  9. Colgetto

    Need for speed Underground "Detail" help...

    I can´t change the detail levels in NFS U, when i do this the game crashes. I got a Gforce 2 and a pentium 4 2.0 Gigahertz, maybe too low?
  10. P

    Need for speed underground help needed

    Well blah, got nfsu and what do you know, it does not work on lan, I freaking hate when companys do that, SOoo I went to there helpfull faq and it said I need to open up some ports, and basicly "If you dont know how, ask someone else" hmm.. I looked around and could find nothing on how to open...
  11. Tassadar

    Knights of the Old Republic PC Version and Underground

    So yeah.. only two games I bought this year end up being the most fun. Where should I start... KOTOR. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC Knights of the Old Republic for the PC is much, much better (thats right, eat it console fanboys). Graphics, gameplay and everything. As I...
  12. D


    Does any one know how to get into the under ground room
  13. Devion

    ESF models and there scale

    Well I noticed something about the models when I was playing with Sin Goku USSJ Vegeta. Well I was fighting cell(bot) and I saw that Semi-Perfect Cell is smaller then Vegeta.(Ussj) Well I thought thats because of the ussj model. But when I deascend the model(compare with non-ssj Vegeta)...
  14. TAz00

    Invisible Bean bags?

    When i compile a map, and play it after... the sensu bean bags are invisible, or actually they are underground. dunno why. Does anyone know why?
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