1. E


    <center> </center> its not based on any part of the show so dont ask about the clothing. what yous think of it ?
  2. suicidal_maniac

    My New Sig!!!

    I made another sig. I still have to find a good text but i really like the BG.
  3. M

    Map Editing

    Is there any way to edit a already exsiting map or a program to edit exsiting maps if so please reply
  4. E


    I dont understand can anyone help me???:cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. SandMan

    Sig test?

    ok this is my new one, just made it, uhh tell me what you think
  6. DaKD

    Bandwith probs

    Well alotta people are complainign about my DL's well it cause i dont have enuf Bandwith. if anyone knows where a good host is plz tell me!
  7. Mr. Satans

    Me = f***in' sux0rz!!

    Aghhh! I can't wait till summer when I can learn Photoshop (PSP Blowz!!! The best of my PSP abilities is my sig which sux azz0rz) Anyways if there is anyone who feels sorry for someone who couldn't make a good work of art to save his life, couldja make meh a r0x0r1ng Mr. Satan sig?? It sounds...
  8. M


    Don't tell me that this is normal.. >_<
  9. owa

    Uhh hehe Final Fantasy 9 Help!

    Hey, I'm on disc 2 , and going to the excavation site on the "Outer Continent" I need some help. I didn't get Quina way back in disc 1 cause I hate Quina ,and I dun wanna have to get her but I got a question in this guide I have it says goto Qu's Marsh and and find Quina at the pond tryign...
  10. O


    and yet another medabots model. this one is pheonix the fire breathing..uhh..pheonix? crits welcome. click me foo
  11. B


    how do i make my model sharper whit shadow i heve zie a model whit sharp shadow how do i make it i now how to make a model but not sharp shadow en skin like i no whit program is the best!:\
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    what do ya think?

    i cant say i really like photoshop its interface is a bit more complicated then psp's but what do u think of this yeah i used a tut to learn how to do it but this was done from memory. i did this at a friends house.
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper advice

    what should i add in the bg?
  14. OneWingedAngel

    Uhh Stuff...

    Umm... Yeah I know this chick on MSN and shes the same age as me and lives near me (well an hour away) I have yet to meet her but I've chatted with her for a Year and a half and umm I think I got a crush on her but see I only know her through MSN and I dun think it'd work or anything... what do...
  15. Hibiki

    uhh major mess up here

    noticing something about goku just now.. the kamehameha animation is totaly wrong... (well the ending blast postion is anyway..) cause goku puts his hands up and down not side to side like they are now... kind of sounds odd but go watch goku shoot one and u see what i mean
  16. L

    PaintShopPro-sig-tutorial in german?

    So, anybody knows a German site with a PaitShopPro-sig-tutorial or something? It could also be in english but with much pictures, you know? :D
  17. R

    My n00b Model

    Well I figured I would grow some balls and try on a model. I want to make one of the spice boys, I just can't remember which one he is. I only got portions of the torso done and the arms. Go on and tell me if you think I or it have potential to being a good model/modeler. Also give suggestions...
  18. S


    well, i have tryied to make maps on worldcraft, But I dont get anything on the map when I am finish..... Maybe just Filled with bugs, I mislike it..... well, just forget it :\
  19. Cheeseman

    Ginyu? Nappa?

    call me old Fashioned, but i reckon we need a Nappa skin and model at the very least. The d00d was st00pid, but jeez he was awesome also. While on the topic of a wish list... How bout Ginyu, Jeice, and a decent Raditz? just thinkin out loud folks.. comment if ya want... or not :devsmile:
  20. G

    Uhh PC Joe

    does that really count as spam ?? i asked him for the member only models (read the title ) and well... i cant really explain that any better in a post ( no offence meant )