1. bobmundo123

    Uhh.. Unreliable channel Overflow?

    uhh.. Hey there Guys! It's been a reallyyy long time.. since ive been playing esf.. i must say.. things have changed quite a bit.. the pictures of new upcoming one looks outstandingg!!.. omg.. can not wait for you guys to finish lol.. You guy are awesome.. haha.. but yea.. For some reason I am...
  2. Killface

    Uhh... why dont they work?!

    I messed up my back about 2 days ago while weight lifting and it hurts just to stand up and walk. I took some vicodin but it didn't help at all, so i took some bayer.. and STILL didn't help at all. Then i got on the Tylenol-3 and it did nothing. It seems to me that i'm almost impervious to...
  3. bapplebo

    Uhh yeah, little Max8 problem

    Lets make this snappy. I cloned my model, added a push modifier and adjusted some settings. I then deleted the push modifier, but then, the cloned model remained (as it should). But, now, I can't seperate the original from the cloned! It's not a seperate object (I attached the original to the...
  4. S

    Uhh huh?

    I could have seen the picture wrong on the front site but I think its off a little. When Saiyans go SSJ they have gold hair and green eyes. It looked like your models had blonde hair and blue eyes. Which is the common misconception in america. I might just be colorblind and your models are in...
  5. S

    uhh another question? about .dll

    what does it mean? i cant join any games can some one help me please
  6. I


    ok heres the problem didnt know where to post so i posted here i downloaded 1.21 patch but i cant find the 1.2 file and it says i need 1.2 to install 1.21 can u help me plz?
  7. VorteX

    Uhh, idont know what to call this

    just look, this happens as soon as i select a charecter.
  8. M


    holy crapoly First Buu ...no ****ing idea Second Buu Oct 13, 2002 New Buu Jun 04, 2003
  9. D


    hi all i had some problem with my computer :( and now i lost al my favorite esf model downloads :cry: Can some of you plz post some sites where i can download models cause the only one i know is redsaiyan i hope u can help me
  10. Marauder


    hi i made a new one :P but this time i need u ppl to suggest what to add to it...imean, hpotoshop wise :D hope someone could help me ^_^
  11. SSJ n00b

    look me gsm non ssj

    if u think azn sended me this model nope i edit self http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/ssjn00b/wdg.jpg
  12. D

    Looking for me!!!!!! I have my future models releases for you all!!

    hey everyone who has been sending me e-mails and everything like that sorry i have not replyed i was not home during the weekend and went away with me gf on a lil trip, but im back and hopefully since i just got the full version of milkshape i will be making more models for yah all, so sorry for...
  13. B

    Armor Pack

    Here i will release an armor Pack for Esf
  14. C


    Uh is this game free? (lol I know this is my first time here) Oh and does anyone have the msn messanger here...?
  15. owa

    Two Things.Goku_Son_1 Read.

    One:- Goku_Son_1 I hosted yo sig, got hotmail to work so its host here is the link. http://members.lycos.co.uk/mgaddict/001.JPG Two:- S/he? Is new to sig making so giver "it" some crits on it, I think its decent for a newbie, maybe high quality pics would help. So uhh ya Goku pic...
  16. |Da|K|

    another new sig for a friend

    Hey critz plz siggy for my hommie Hurley Boy 1: 2:
  17. Kman3252

    Free sig

    well heres a sig i made if anyone wants it. i will add in your name i know its not good i wiped it up in 2mins but ya http://members.lycos.co.uk/supersaiyanelite/sign12.jpg
  18. TimTheEnchantor

    Adding a imagemap to my website..

    But i'm stuck between 2 types of them. I am thinking on put this image go free and not be contained by tables.. So which one would look better?? (btw my scheme of my site are the colors used in these examples)
  19. rarthax221


    shouldn't there be like a forum for model posts and updates ect and then have requests in diff forum. :)
  20. D

    Logo Type...image thing....

    here is this logo..thing....that i made tonight...cuz i got bored :p lol *EDIT* heres it with grid...cuz EVERYONE LOVES GRIDS :p **EDIT** image isnt showing....uhh...just right click, then copy the URL