1. It's over One Million!

    Ubuntu 9.10

    Is it worth it to install? What do you recommend? Here you can download this OS Ubuntu 9.10 Release candidate
  2. Suh Dude

    Installing Ubuntu on Bro's

    His system specs: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Atlantis AMD (NVidea) Athlon 1.24 GHz & 512MB ram His computer monitor resolution 1680X1050. Last time I installed Linux, there was no default wide screen resolutions and when I used guides to figure it out it'd always go to console as the desktop...
  3. Suh Dude

    Ubuntu help

    So... I'm too lazy to register on the original Ubuntu forums. Since the new Ubuntu 7.10 is going to take like... 3 days to download... I decided to just install Breezy and just upgrade up by version but I'm already having problems. When I switch to my screen resolution to 1440X900 @ 60MZ, the...
  4. vinay87

    Ubuntu and Games

    ok, I got fed up with windows XP and 2k 2k wont allow me to burn DVDs at 16 X... yes the DVDs do support them Moserbaer Anyways, XP wont allow me to run ESF on anything BUT software mode. And not just esf, even HL. And its not like i dont have RAM or need to defragment or stuff. i just...
  5. Suh Dude

    Ubuntu Problems... yeah

    I need, erm, help with Ubuntu since I'm a Linux newb. So anyways, I've installed Wine into Ubuntu. I try to open World of Warcraft with Wine with Terminal, and it works for a second and it dissapears, showing wierd errors. I also have a screen resolution problem. Every time I set my...