1. liad

    alright so i tryed to run some of my old ps1 games on ps2 but..

    i cant save !! the ps1 game load fine but i cant save with the ps2 memory card in ps1 games it doesnt detect the card i also tryed to put a ps1 memory card in my ps2 but it also isnt detected by the ps1 game or the ps2 itself so can anyone help me and explain how can i save in ps1 games on my ps2
  2. M

    client.dll (tryed everything.. including fmod)

    Im sure that you know the problem already.. but this time i tryed everying. im not trying to play the net so i dont need steam, but i cant even open a lan game. have the 1.2.3 version (and some others..) no one works.. (all of hem are full install) tryed to put the 3.6.0 fmod in the hllibrary...
  3. Valeska

    tryed some glowing styles..

    just some stuff i tryed nothing special..
  4. Valeska

    tryed a new style

    well i tryed a new wich i saw at other DMZ forum and at other for so far i suck, but here is my first try it still is a WIP, and needs a border and other stuff..
  5. G

    Client.dll..? tryed everything!!!

    Hey,..Helper Client.dll dont work at all ? ;( :no: ;( :no: ;( :no: I have did all things that the Help/FAQ of ESF says to do but it still dont work Maybe i should do it in steps download 1.0 first and than i patch it is that an idea because i am totally lost n0w!
  6. E

    i need help installing ive tryed every thing!

    will some one please help me ive tryed all of the things you guys have told us before about installing but mine still just gets stuck at that checking for previously installed componants and i have half life fully updated i also have counter-strike fully updated and nothing is working does any...
  7. S

    how can i merge skels

    how do i merge skels and i need animators how can i merge skeletons? im trying to make a goku vegeta fuse into gogeta. i tryed renaming one skel and then mergeing but it doesnt work can someone please tell me how is there even is a way. thanks
  8. ssj999vegeta

    plz edit sprite 4 me

    can sum1 edit the ssj powerup sprite so its red, ive tried before but i got all mixed up and i dont know what to do [edit] oh come on sum1 must be able to edit it for me
  9. MysticVegeta

    quake3 model to esf

    Can any wane tell me how can make quake3 models for esf????? Any wane else did with a zero model
  10. T

    model maker

    Can some one tell me whats the best model maker that works for 1.1 model and works for esf models please i need to no i tryed 3 diffrnt model makers
  11. S

    skinning tutorial

    hey m8's i just wondering after a esf skinning tutorial i did have one a while go but i lost the site so i wonder if u have another or the same site seeya. P.s i allready tryed check the stickies
  12. S

    how do i sort attachments out one the bones of models??

    hi i have almost complited my kid buu edit but when itry and compile him it says: ************ ERROR ************ unknown attachment link 'Bip01 R Finger11' now how i change this from happening?? i have tryed editing the qc file didnt work i tryed making a little box and adding it to the...
  13. Warrior_Elite45

    Easiest Mapping Program??

    Can anyone please tell me what the easiest mapping prog is? I've heard of Worldcraft and a few others. I've tried Worldcraft and wanna know if there's anythin' easier than that. So can anyone let me know what they think is the easiest? Thanks...
  14. S

    I Need A Good Modling Tool

    hey i need a good modling tool and not gmax i tryed that one and they never gave me a good code :S it says it was invalid so i fu could put a link down for a good one i would thanx u a lot :yes:
  15. Naz

    Site Layout I made I was asked to make a layout, don't ask me why, because I practicly never made a good layout.. all I ever did was making a wallpaper with some text over it and call it a layout :P, but I promised to give it a shot, so here it is, hope you all like...
  16. K

    Sig critz

    my matrix themed one (i tryed usin green but it sucked. But i got the idea from the matrix when all the text was flying in)
  17. Packed Lunch

    a goku model

    i remember seeing a goku model with the symbol on the back/front,and yeh trying to find it, and yes tryed search didnt find it ;p, or i missed it :O.
  18. Q

    New Portfolio Layout....

    Well i decided i'd make a portfolio site for myself so i spent the better part of this morning (about 2 hours) putting this one together is photoshop. I really think it turned out well but i can see places where I am going to have to tweak and move things around and I'm gonna have to add a...
  19. Wuying Ren

    Cooler sugestion

    I want a Cooler model. I sugest a Cooler model ! please ! I already tryed by my self but: 1. I am one of the biggest noob in moddeling 2. I have unanswered Milkshape porblems. 3. I asked what is the best model programm and no one answered.
  20. D

    gouping in gmax

    is there a simalar way to group things in gmax as in milkshape. basicly i have my model as one object at the moment but i want to put my skins on it, how can i group diffrent areas for skinning. i have tryed the 3dmax tutorial at POLYCOUNT but its diffrfent from gmax and i dont know how im...