1. Deathshot

    The 7,497th Annual ESF Tournament

    The 7,497th Annual ESF Tournament is here! Registration is open till January 25th Matches will start February 1st Everyone is allowed to Register. A link to the last Tournament: The 7,496th Annual ESF Tournament! General Duel Rules - Matches take place on esf_cell_games...
  2. Sting

    Earth's Special Forces Tournament (ESFL)

    Well its time for another tournament for ESF 1.2.3. Since the tournament from Shadi and Miro came to a end with out a single fight it is time to start a new tournament. This tournament is a TFP (Tournament For Players) what means everyone can sign up and you dont need a team. In the future we...
  3. Shadi

    Earth's Special Forces tournament, 2011!

    So here we are once more, an all fresh start for a new intense melee-battle! That's right we are going for one more tournament... but that's IF we get enough people.. So we need all your lazy asses to sign up, once we've gathered enough people we will move on to next step...
  4. Z

    Tournament Map.

    Hey guys, I'm from the ZEQ2-lite forums, I just wanted to hear some of you guys thoughts on this Tournament Map. If anyone have time, they can export this map for ESF, just want to see how it look's in ESF. ,Cheers
  5. A

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  6. Shadi

    ESF Tournament 2010

    28. November 2009 (This already been posted on the competition hidden plugin thing, well a mate of mine suggested me to try to post it on an open forum so I'll give that a go) Hey guys, I'm making up this Europian tournament, and people suggested me to share the information on the forums...
  7. N

    Tournament mode

    Whats it gonna be like?? Will it be lyk dose in budokai tenkaichi where the players are randomly arranged in the chart and they progress upwars by winning each fight??
  8. R

    The awesome ESF tournament

    Well. I dont have ESF (yet) and i had this idea where there is a big battle in a specific time, at a specific date (example: September 10th, 7pm GMT) etc.. I think this is an awesome idea :D
  9. Deathshot

    Dragonball Z Tournament

    OMG I Found this game from So damn long ago on the Toonami Site Games. I used to play it all the time. edit: oh btw... At the end when you fight Frieza.. His Special is a 1 hit kill.
  10. Darth Revan

    Unreal tournament 2004

    do any esf members here play it
  11. Vladius

    Tournament mode

    Hi all. I'd like to suggest a new game mode to ESF It would be called tournament (Or duel mode) It is similar to Star Wars: Jedi Academy duel mode I think this mode will please ESF pro's and newbies as well Also this mode will favored by DM haters because many people like duels more than...
  12. SonGokuss


    is there any new tournament? if not We Have To Make a new tournament and quikly .:rolleyes:
  13. SonGokuss


    Hey Guys We Have To Make a new tournament and quikly :smile::smile:
  14. E

    ESF Rebirth Tournament

    Since I returned to playing ESF, I noticed that only a few of the people I played with 6 or 7 years ago still play. So, in an attempt to bring back some of them, and have some fun, I think it would be a good idea to host a tournament! GENERAL RULES: Rule set will be determined by server...
  15. Mr.Lukyas

    Dragon Ball Tournament addon -- We are hiring!

    ~link removed~ We need coders, we need people of experience and people who we can trust to. ECX was the greatest mod made for ESF but DBT WILL be the greatest mod made for ESF. With an exception we are mod for ESF 1.3! So, if you have any coding experience, or you are just a modeler...
  16. Skyrider

    Tournament Addon, Forum Changes, & New Forum Admin!

    Hey everyone, As of lately, I've worked hard on the forums to make everything as good as possible. This is not only plugin wise! While some may be completely useless, I'm mostly only aiming for those who are and will be quite useful for the forums. I've also made a lot of fixes on the main...
  17. sub

    Unreal Tournament 3 Free this weekend

    UT3 is going to be free this weekend on Steam. It's also going to be on sale for only 12 bucks which isn't a bad deal at all. I think I might buy it for any mods that might come out in the future
  18. Skyrider

    Tournament Plugin anyone?

    Not wanting to be "plugin crazy", but I noticed a tournament plugin is available for the vbulletin forums. If you guys will get more tournaments near the future, perhaps this would be a nice Addition? Here are a few screenshots of the plugin itself: Would love...
  19. Damaera

    ESF Featured in ModDB Podcast, ESF Tournament

    Just a quick news update. ESF Featured in a ModDB Podcast Yesterday ESF was featured in a weekly moddb podcast named Podcast 17. To listen to the podcast, go <a href="">here</a>. If you want to go straight...
  20. A

    ESF tournament

    Hey! I just wanna know if exists any mod or script or anything to i add to my server to make a tournament i knoe some servers have it but in those servers i have 700 ping... help me :cry: