1. Big Kyle

    Good Times

    Well ive been back for awhile, but im not coming by at all and I have forgotten about ESF a lot. I dont use computers much at all in my life anymore, and so I am leaving ESF and will not be coming back. To all the staff, its been great and thanks for the second chance of course (mainly to big...
  2. 009

    Some times I feel lucky... hehe :p

    Some times I feel lucky... You can post screenshots of something where you feel lucky in esf.. Full Loaded Kamehameha vs a final flash that not was loaded at all xD Have you seen I push 2 kamehame's ? :smile: hehe :laff: my final flash was not loaded.. but what ever :laff...
  3. D

    Suggestion by one who has seen dbz lots and lots of times...

    Ok if these ideas arent already posted (i'm too lazy to look over 138 pages) :laff: i hope somebody will like them. The scouter is almost perfect but it would be good to add little arrows to point the direction of characters. After all with a scouter you can detect any1 on the map... And in...
  4. S

    Yeah, yeah, it's been said a 1000 times, but...

    The reason for no pl save is fairly obvious- online. How hard would it be to make a game mode where only bots could join- so you could go online and start off normal, but keep working on your big pl character in that mode with bots only for fun?
  5. Mr. Satans

    Good Times ^_^

    I was browsing one of my many unorganzied pic folders when I stumbled upon this...
  6. Mr. Satans

    The Good Times -- Gone

    Wow, I was talking with some guy I met on Sven Coop about making a webpage for me (for my random whatever stuff) and we got to talking n stuff and then something clicked and I remembered the old CLAN [ph34r] WEBSITE and wow, I looked around and was reminded of all the good times I had with my...
  7. dudeman

    New Times

    heres a new wally i made... used 3dsm and photoshop.. i know its not wild and flashy like most of you ppl make wps, but thats why its better for actual use as a wp :) Here's some kind of a negative version of it... for those who prefer black wallpapers.. i think it didnt turn out as well as...
  8. D

    in the show why did the moon get blown up 2 times

    in the show in BD roshe blow upo the moon in the turnament and than why in dbz did piccole blow it up again and just remember why did roshe say thats the first time goku ever used the kamahamaha wave(that was in the ternament) when 20 epidsodes earlyer he used it on the car
  9. Volrath

    Problems with fps...

    Hey guys, i'm testing my map, and the fps are 15..30... and in esf_guru is 60... i think have a problem with the map uh? can someone help me? i've edited esf_city map too, but i'm not edited so much, and the fps sUx... why? help me please... (i use the Hammer)
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    Trend whore tutorials

    ok im back again with another one for ya. have u ever wondered how people get such a cool effect in indy art? ill explain exactly how to do such awsome pieces(sarcasm) ok the tools we are ganna need are some sort of 3d program and of course photoshop. 1. open up 3dsmax/bryce/whatever...
  11. Tweek

    Perfect Cell ..WIP..

    -EVM- Perfect Cell ..Keh iv finished Kid Buu now :yes: Ultra is RE-Skinnin him and hes goin in 2 EVM so thats the end of that :) Iv now started a new mdl, Hopefully 4 EVM, dont no if ultra will let me yet but??? hoo noz :rolleyes: It is a brand new Final Cell :laff: but sadly i hav only...
  12. Suh Dude

    latest bryce work

    Crits are welcome
  13. A

    dragonball af goku ssj5/golden oozaru model

    I have succesfully found a working dragonball af ssj5 goku model someone has made. I have also found a golden oozaru of vegeta that is normal size (i think). Anyway i dun think i can release the model url due to some restrictions of this forums, and i have no idea who made these models for esf...
  14. Wangster

    ESFarena released.

    well, i made my first map, its big, so coulnd get desent screenshots. but anywhays, i have 2 screens made, but they r ugly, here they are. http://members.lycos.nl/cl3rcx/esfarena0002.jpg http://members.lycos.nl/cl3rcx/esfarena0007.jpg well, if youre intersted, here is the map, it contains...
  15. Escobar

    Under Siege

    Well i havent showed you guys much lately cuz umm im not sure y but heres a little something i went n finished while i waited for dakilla to do the brushing, but i was a bit bored, but the collab shud be much better than this vesion anyways tell me what you think...
  16. Z

    Ms3d Problems.......?

    Help me i have a .ms3d file how do i make it to a .smd file.... :cry: I will bw glad if somone willl tell me.. :cry: :confused:
  17. T

    Any new piccolos

    Any one no if a new piccolo model is going to be out?I no this has been asked 100 times but wuss just wanting to no.And not a skin with cape one thats more bigger not so skinny one that makes him look strounger.
  18. C

    How can you make map for g*dsake!

    Can someone explain or send a tutorial in Dutch or english i rather dutch. How to make maps?
  19. S

    ninja trunks {realease}?

    i have a pic for someone to host please anyone. or better yet tell me how to put pics in this.
  20. |Da|K|

    New Colab

    i did a colab with ma man riddler i did everything but 3d.. :-\ critz&commnets plz