1. S


    Tim UPDATED heh, nother preview of the new comic i'll put more up later: UPDATED, look below
  2. N

    Inspired By Tim

    Well i liked tim his work...so i have some of mine.. and a little of his style... i hope he likes it becouse if he dont i will remove it.. bud um...my art isnt that sick as his...lol.. well it took me a long time to make bud here it is hope you guys like it After The Long Way In Hell...
  3. Suh Dude

    dark me

  4. TimTheEnchantor

    Feeling Small In This Life

    Took this after a sunshower hit. I love those :)
  5. TimTheEnchantor

    Eyes Of A Demon

    Deviation : http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2300496
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Working on a new image - Power Corrupts - Rebirth

    Final Image - Power Corrupts - Rebirth Alright, I finished it, hope you like :)
  7. D

    The Black And White Sayian ((Yes im bored))

    How it look? CREDIT: Do not know whoever made SSJ2 Goku
  8. Death The Jedi

    Silence Means Everything

    I made my first photo manip.. inspired by TimTheEnchantor and by the song "Ghost Man On Third" by Taking back sunday.. how do you guys think it looks?
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Humanity Consumed

    Released for Liquefaction's Pack
  10. R

    ssj 3 goku

    hiho, can someone help me plz i cant find super sayan 3 goku for esf and i like goku :( plz help me i already visted many sites but stil they are difference plz thanxS
  11. C


    What about Android 13 the big blue guy?He would be a pretty cool replacement model. Lookin for a pic.
  12. Wyatt

    I made a GokuGt

    OK like it says i made a gt goku, but im having a few prob compiling. I found out i need a reference.smd and when i try to export it it says invalid vertex bone assignment. But as soon as i find out how to fix that ill release and in the mean time ill try to find a host for a pic and btw id...
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    Sweet Dreams! TEST VERSION!

    Please know this is the Sweet Dreams TEST VERSION! I am creating a photo manip and it is by far some of my best work yet... I will be uploading it back and forwarth each time I take a break, so you can see my updates... REMEMBER THIS IS STILL BEING WORKED ON! Here:
  14. E

    EagleKing´s work

    so..I am gonna post all my work in this topic.Here some old stuff I have posted on RS some weeks ago in two posts (each posts a category) Abstract things(kinda wallpapers):
  15. TimTheEnchantor

    Quickie update on my new artwork database..

    I have reworked my artwork database on my website. With this new database, you can have a slideshow which fades, snowfalls , blends, shutters, etc in & out of images. I have colorized it, and will be adding more features to it soon. ***Here is my new database...
  16. TimTheEnchantor

    Tim's Drawing Thread

    Alright some of these images I need to redo, but these were from the year 2000 and up...my dbz pics were back in 6th-8th grade....so I'll upload them next..plus, I will reupload some of these, I had to take pics using a digi cam so the alignment on some is bad..especially the mecha, because...
  17. A

    Ice Freeze

    I made a new WP/design thing.. Critz?
  18. Naz

    Indy Art by me

    - be sure to check the bottem of the page for an update!!!! - listening to evanescensce - bring me to life Some indy art by me... I'm actually still working on this! It's v1. It might not be..... very good, I don't know, I'm proud of it :), the way it's made is totally different...
  19. N

    Good GFX?

    Are there any elite GFX artists in this forum other than Naz? If there is I will post my work, if not I will do it anyways. I want to see if there is any competition ;) :cool: :cool:
  20. TimTheEnchantor

    Site is down, all images are down..

    Please note it seems my host has lost itself in cyberspace! (Oh no), so please bear with me while I try and figure out why... Just a headsup.