1. TimTheEnchantor

    Indy Art: In response to recent events..

    In response to recent events in war...etc.. I have created a indy art image. I may make a series of images called War Series, dealing with war and how it can be started.. I've been thinking alot on this subject of war, and it is quite scary. So protest it all you want if you have to, but face...
  2. TimTheEnchantor

    My poetry & prose thread..

    ..:: Death Breeds ::.. You think you know me, You want to know me, All you do is destroy me, Inside and out. What did I do to deserve this? Maybe I am falling in the abyss.. Why am I gloomy? Did I deserve to be lonely? What did you do to eat me alive? Maybe you decided to be rich with...
  3. D

    Can someone make these sounds?

    It would be great if someone that knows wat they r doin if they could make new sounds for things like explosion sounds and punch and kick sounds and scouter sounds. Even sounds like for when ur charging, and turbo sounds. Thanx that would be great!
  4. TimTheEnchantor

    Death Awaits..

    As always - crits are welcome
  5. TimTheEnchantor

    Simple Graphic..

    It's an "ok" wallpaper I guess, room for icons on both sides.. Interesting, may make a white one..or a inverse :
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Time Is Eternal

    Maximum dimension are 1024x768...hopefully you can see my alias in side it.. Time is Eternal
  7. A


    how do i deocompile it
  8. TimTheEnchantor

    Update : Abstract from Tim

    This piece was made in about .. 20 min. Using modern digital cam here around the house I made some modern grunge look. If you have 56k, prepare for a wait, its about 74 k.. This is to capture a bit of a evil ominicity... it has no anime in it at all except a ghost in the shell eyeball O_O...
  9. M

    WIP FLASH animation

    well im real sick of modeling, and all the bs i have to put up with. so i started using flash agian. well here it is http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/a64e92f8/bc/My+Documents/My+Documents/mv_vs_goku2.swf?bcYDy89Av0VqaxTJ this may work not sure some ppl can see it
  10. S

    new lava map.

    i'm making a new map. it's a lava one. but im stuck and need some help. so if ur a mapper and can help me plz plz plz e-mail me or pm me or whatever. plz! my e-mail is sk8_pro_101@hotmail.com and i have msn. plz i need n e help i can getz!
  11. Son Goten


    how do you make sigs?? i have paint shop pro 7, i could get photoshop, but i find that very complicated and hard to use. how do you get the pics so smooth along the endes when you cut them out from the original background?? mine always look jagged. how do you do it?? :cry: