1. Ravendust

    Sony throws the PS3 controller design...

    ...hopefully it won't come back. Sony have scrapped the PS3 controller design; And are currently in the process of redesigning something new. I put this down to bad public feedback ("it r a boomerang olol") and Nintendo's motion-tracking wand of sexiness. No details on the new design yet...
  2. ZeroNightmare

    Faster Throws

    Well since theres a 90% chance that your going to be thrown, if the throwing sequence is started... ...Why not speed it up? is it really necesary to wait 10 seconds... you dont even get thrown very far. Speed it up, spin around once or twice, then toss em.
  3. Buce

    Defending Throws?

    How do u stop a throw??? i dont know....plz tell me
  4. K

    new idea for throws

    i got an idea while reading a post on the new melee system. when a player is prepunching and then right-clicks to throw, instead of instantly throwing, the attacking player puts the other in a kind of submission hold, while he (possibly) does damage to whomever he is holding. then a power...
  5. S

    Stoping Throws

    Im new to this and I have read the teutorial. I was wondering is there anyway to completly counter them? I tried holding left mouse button but it dosent work.
  6. W

    Random Arrows and throws

    Now I'm not sure if this is actually implemented or no, but eh... Would it be viable for the percent chance of a random arrow popping up in melee to be higher the greater the PL advantage one had over another? So if one person had, say, 2x the power of another, then there would be a greater...
  7. K

    can't block throws?

    How to block throws?
  8. S

    Fighting throws

    I read the FAQ, and it says to hold down primary fire to fight a throw, but when I hold it down, even if Im like a million stronger, I still always lose. Why? also, Is trunks supposed to always use his sword, or is it only on special combos?
  9. imkongkong

    specific throws

    the throwing that is coming out.. it hink each character should have their own unique way of throwing... goku - swing and throw vegeta - hold you over his head and smash you into the ground or wall cell - use his tail to grab u and throw u buu - use his body to wrap around you and he...
  10. S

    Different types of throws in 1.2

    I think each character should have a different type of throw each 1 deals the same damage but it will show how each character is different Goku Normal Throw via leg and twisted Vegeta Ki Blast - Holding fire will charge the more u chareg the quicker the blast will explode ( will...
  11. E


    It would be cool if you couuld grab you opponent and throw em' into the ground/
  12. TimTheEnchantor

    Humanity Consumed

    Released for Liquefaction's Pack
  13. Lord Killmore


    I don´t know if it´s possible nut i think it would be cool when there are something like throws. For example: You catch someone and throw him to the direction you´re aiming at or when you catch the enemy you make a kiball and shoot him to the direction you´re looking at with this
  14. S

    Gotenks WIP

    Hey, I've been working on skinning a Gotenks q3 model an converting it to Esf for a while now (It will be released with normal ssj and ssj3 with a sound pack and new transform anims etc). This is my first dbz skin, and I think I've done okay..., These pics are kinda the skin (of...
  15. S

    battle woundet veggi

    i made a battle woundet veggi (not done) ill ike to hear how it is so fare......o_o