1. Pain

    Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

    I don't know how many of you guys are old enough to remember this game, and if you are, if you've even played it, but someone has done a remix of the music from the game since it's the year 2010 now. Just thought I'd share. A preview of all the songs he's remixed from this game...
  2. Deathshot

    The YouTube interview with President Obama Interesting... Just thought I would show you guys. Though I know a lot of you could care less, I would just like to let you guys see it.
  3. TourPallanen

    I am able to supply a mirror link

    Hey guys, Just thought i would let you know that I can supply a mirror link for esf downloads if you wish? my website is
  4. Damaera

    test for guyrider!

  5. sub

    Thought provoking Photographs of Child Labor in Bangladesh
  6. karatepig

    how do i play esf thought steam

    how do i play esf thought steam can i addit there or what?
  7. Damaera

    Mega Man 9 release dates revealed! ( I thought they already revealed these dates )
  8. SS4 Gogeta

    Thought this was pretty neat

    I wonder if if they can smell their sibs as well O_o
  9. Eon

    And I thought Spidey 3 would be the last one. ;o! Zany!
  10. vinay87

    I Thought Upload and Download rates were connected.... this is ghey

    Thats the upload rate for one of my torrents right now. Only been seeding it. anyway look at what the download rate was: My broadband connection rate says its 64 kbps. so my download speed/upload speed should be 8 kilobytes per second. The help center guys aren't believing me... lol. Not...
  11. K

    just a thought

    i am angry at teh world~
  12. Eon

    Never thought I'd do this again..

    Open Challenge, my only request is someone who will be dedicated to updating as frequently as I am, who wants some?
  13. ~*Logan*~

    And I thought Mahoromatic's ending was bad

    How can such a light-hearted anime go so wrong? I mean, Lain is an example of a show that made no logical sense from beginning to end. But I saw Mahoromatic a long time ago and until the end, everything was fun. comes Evangelion. I don't want to spoil it for everyone, but I'll have...
  14. Y

    A thought

    This game should be made serpertly from half life, I want to play it soo bad, but I can't get half life and then download this.... This game needs to run by itself and not need half life and there will be sooo many more people that will join.
  15. F

    A couple chars i thought up!

    I was bored so i made a couple characters. They are medieval characters too! Don't laugh i you dont like em though! Name: Schariom Gender: Male Height: 8’5 Personality: Schariom is the exact opposite of his sister. He carries around two swords, One of fire, one of blood. He is a...
  16. Raeku

    I thought this was a rumour...

    I was just going through a few site and came across this I always thought that the Dragon Ball movie was just a rumour started by a few little kids somewhere. These guys however seem pretty sure that there might just...
  17. M

    Just thought I'd ask a small question.

    Is there a Mac Version of this? At all?
  18. Ravendust

    I thought this was really cool Title says it all. Sorry if it's been posted before. How do you make these? I can't imagine doing it by colouring each character, is there a program?
  19. J

    omg, name a random thing that sparks a random thought!

    well, i was browsing a thread and i read this: and i INSTANTLY went and played Metallica's "Creeping Death" since it has the line: So let it be written So let it be done, I'm sent here by the chosen one. So let it be written So let it be done, To kill the first born Pharoas son. Im...
  20. lust

    and i thought michael jackson was...