1. sg2

    Anyone thinks differently?

    I don't know if Politics is THE thing to bring in here, but I've just watched this so I wanted to read other opinions that are outside of my own country. It's a problematic issue, feel free to not let me know what you think.
  2. Boogyman93

    Valve thinks they should make the Half-Life movie.

    In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Valve’s own Gabe Newell took some time to talk about the possibility of a Half-Life movie. Source:
  3. sub

    Rep Joe Barton (Republican from Texas) thinks he stumped a Nobel Laureate with this and These people are running our government. And we wonder why we're so ****ed
  4. Dokutayuu

    What do you thinks better?

    I'm curious to see peoples' favourite Dragonball-based mod. To be honest I think that ESF is the best so far, all the others are either dead, died before they were released or "in-progress" of development. ESF on the otherhand has players, so I'd like to congratulate the team :yes: EDIT...
  5. -Blaze-

    Scarrrrry thinks here

    Hi guys, i thinked to create a thread about scary stuff O_O heres mine search for secrets in room to see somethink scarry, like boy withouth head or woman withoth eyes and even more.(its scary especially when night. :cry: )
  6. Tharivel

    What sig you thinks better?

    well here's what i've done tonight, not alot of difference between them but what you think? Should i use this one or stick to the one i got? Feel free to C&C but am new at this sig thing. :) But if anyone out there feels like making me a good thundercats sig feel free to do so. ;) Thanks
  7. C

    help to model dragon balls amx mode. alle thinks about a sever!! HELP PLZZZZZ

    Hallo alle.. PLZZZZZ HELP ME!!! im not so good to English but i try. i just begin to play ESF. and i need som help... about the dragon balls. if i get alle 7 i can get a wish but when i play at my one sever is only 3 things to wish.. to day i haf play on a other sever where there was...
  8. K

    who thinks u should be able to transform faster when there is more transformation?

    i think that in 1.3, sence there is more transfoprmation,(im thinking of 2-3) u should be able to transform faster, like earlier, if not, having to reach last transformation is noting but a dream
  9. F

    Who thinks that No-topic is boring

    Boring or not u deside?
  10. X

    Heres a New Suggestion (Me Thinks)

    I know that the blip on the radar that indicates an enemy red gets big/small depending on the power level. But there should come a point where you are way too weak to the other opponent and nothing shows up on their radar at all. (Remember gokou also has trouble detecting faint power...
  11. SierraSonic

    Who thinks...

    That i should get rid of my post count in my sig? Or do you prefer the colors to this bland forum? ;p
  12. Suh Dude

    New Sig i thinks its Awsome!

    How do u think please don't say it its bad please!
  13. Ultra33Gokussj3

    My apologies to the PRO

    Listen , i am sorry for what i sad , if i insult you , i am not traing to BEE YOU , i am traing to BEE LIKE YOU , to bee a PRO and make real good edits , in the begining i thought , why wount you give your edits then i thought that if you wont then i l make edits like yours i m just giving...
  14. Marauder

    Bryce 5\3dsm 4.2 probs

    hey guys, i got both Programs, and when i try and Setup up them(by Pressing setup),my pc thinks for 5 secs or so, and then does nothing, this happen to anyone? and if som, what did u do O_o?
  15. S

    Where do i find a real good vegetto?

    Where do i find a real good vegetto for download? bye
  16. SSJ n00b


  17. S

    i thinks that dragonball z rocks

    who thinks that dragonball z rocks please tell me and who think that dragonball z sucks
  18. E

    new sig

  19. G

    Esf_bridge V1

    +- max 6 players a destroyable 'highway' bridge trough desert cliffs its my first map i actually 'released' as mostly i get bored with one half way done get it here : screaaam if i forgot something ..
  20. T

    who thinks the models need work??

    i think the only decent model in the game is vegeta..... and even he needs some work... i dunno what they were thinking wen they made gohan and krillen... they look like skeletons with some different colors... krillen is suposed to be short and have a big head... and he's not skinny...